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12 Ideas for Beach Guest Wedding Outfits

You may be wondering what you should wear if you are planning a beach wedding this spring or summer. Beach celebrations are usually casual, but couples hosting destination weddings might opt for a more formal dress code. It’s crucial to read the invitation carefully to ensure that the attire is appropriate for the occasion.

Beach weddings, on the other hand, tend to favor more festive clothing. A beach wedding is the ideal time to wear a fun, modern outfit. A maxi dress with vibrant colors like burnt orange and pink would be perfect for a beach wedding at sunset. For a casual daytime affair, a printed two-piece or floral midi dress is a great option. Include breezy silhouettes and sleeveless designs in your look to ensure you are comfortable and meet the dress code.

Here are 12 outfits that will help you be the most stylish guest at any wedding on the beach, whether you’re going somewhere tropical or staying close to home.

Maxi Dress

image 110

The versatility of a maxi dress and its relaxed silhouette make it a favorite for beach weddings. If you prefer a romantic style, a maxi with a ruffled or peplum hemline is a good choice. For a more eccentric look, choose a maxi dress with abstract prints or statement sleeves. Accessorizing a maxidress is best done with strappy heels and drop earrings.

One-Shoulder dress

image 106

Are you worried about your hemline dragging on the sand when you go to the beach? You can also opt for a dress that is knee-length with a neckline on one shoulder to create a beach-friendly look. This simple silhouette will be elevated by muted colors and asymmetrical frills. If you want a more sultry look, choose a skirt in a bright color and a fitted top.

A Fringe Dress

image 108

Choose a midi-length dress with fringe details for a unique look. A fringe dress from head to toe can seem a little over the top for a beach wedding, but a fringed hemline paired with a crocheted bodice is a casual yet elegant take on this style. Choose a dress in a neutral color and pair it up with a statement shoe like orange mesh wedges or metallic sandals.

A Skirt Set

image 105

If you are dealing with a semi formal dress code, opt for a flirty set of skirts instead of a maxi-dress. A midi skirt and an off-the shoulder top are a stylish combination. You can dress it down with flat sandals or stud earrings. Choose a skirt with an asymmetrical or thigh high slit for a more fashionable option.

Floral Dress

image 111

Consider a floral gown with a base of blue or green if you want a timeless look for your wedding. The florals will stand out better with a non-neutral background. It will also ensure that you adhere to the “no-white” rule for wedding guests. For a stunning look, choose shoes that complement the florals in your dress.

A Cut Out Dress

image 113

You can use cut-outs at your wedding. We’d even encourage them for beach celebrations. A keyhole cutout can add drama to your maxi silhouette, while still being wedding appropriate. If you prefer a subtler look, choose side cutouts. They provide ample coverage while maintaining a sultry air.


image 107

If you want to avoid sinking your feet into the sand, then a beach wedding shoe is a better option than stilettos. Wedges add inches to the look, but they are also easier to walk on uneven terrain. There are many stylish options for your footwear, from slip-on wedges with straps to a pair of wrap-around wedges.

Fun Prints

image 115

The beach wedding is a great time to play with prints. The butterfly print dress is just the right level of risque and will look great at any beachside event. Choose a watercolor print, an abstract pattern or a more adventurous one. But balance it with a loose silhouette and simple accessories.

A Linen Dress

image 114

For a beach wedding you can use any lightweight fabric, but linen is the best choice due to its texture and breathability. If you want to dress up a linen dress for a beach wedding, choose one with a high-neckline.

Bright Colors

image 112

Wearing a bright color can be a great alternative to bold prints if you don’t like them. Any color that catches your eye, whether it’s a vibrant yellow or neon green, will work for a beachside ceremony. Accessorize your outfit by pairing it with neutral sandals or delicate jewelry to contrast the bright colors.

Halter jumpsuit

image 109

You don’t want to wear a dress on the beach. Choose a halter-style jumpsuit in a bright color. The relaxed silhouette of a halter neckline with wide-leg pants is perfect for long days outside. Style this look with strappy heels and a statement handbag.

A Straw Bag

image 104

Straw bags are the perfect beach accessory to complete your wedding outfit. Straw bags are a summer staple that will go with anything from a floral maxi to a monochromatic set. Leave your oversized tote bag at home in this case and opt for something more sophisticated like a top handle bag or a clutch.

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