10 Fashion Trends Defining the Style Scene in 2024

Fashion is more about cosplay now than ever before, with terms like tomato girl, vanilla girl, hot librarian, mobwife, and even “hot librarian” being used. That’s where the fun comes in. Fashion can be less intimidating for some and more exciting to others if you make every piece of clothing part of your character. You only need to ask yourself, “Would this be worn by a hot librarian?”

In 2024, we’ll be back to the debate about whether runways or social media determine trends. We at are looking for professionals. We’re looking forward to bold silhouettes and light, bright colors in 2024. And we definitely want the character-driven aesthetics mentioned above. Fashion is becoming increasingly compartmentalized. You may have a unique style that’s all your own, but it is also getting more and more individualized. You can choose from a wide range of cores and change your style to suit your mood. What do you want today to be?

Legs Out

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As evidenced by dozens of models wearing them on the runways of numerous high-fashion brands, hot pants will be a huge trend in 2024. It could be part of the “balletcore” aesthetic or everyone is just showing off their legs after secretly working out. This trend is the most visible new silhouette for the year.

Preppy Polos

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In 2024, school will be back in session. It’s time to check your uniform. Preppy polo shirt is a must-have for the dark academia trend. It can take you from Harry Potter to librarian-core. Prepare your dark-rimmed sunglasses, varsity strips, and Mary Janes to match these pieces.

Loud and Proud

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In 2024 our clothes will be the thing that makes our senses tingle. Editors highlighted how ASMR-friendly clothing was prominent on the spring/summer runways of 2024, pointing out that you could hear dresses swish as models walked past. In 2024, quiet luxury is out. Here comes loud fashion.

Basics with a Twist

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In 2024, there will be an increase in the number of classic styles which are not so basic. These styles are subtly subversive, but still wearable for those who need to commute or run errands in the morning before brunch.


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Ultra-feminine items have been in style for several seasons, whether it’s the bold glamour trend or the coquette aesthetic inspired by girlhood. There’s no sign of a slowdown. The soft, girly look has become popular among adults, too. From pastel pink and lace to bows and frills, it’s all about the feminine aesthetic. Who says that you have to grow old?


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Fashion has romanticized corporate wear as more companies are requiring in-office working days. Pleated trousers and optical glasses are no longer drab. You can wear these trends outside the office, without looking like an emo. Just leave your laptop at home.


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For those who aren’t as bold as the underwear-as-outerwear trend we’ve seen over the years, sheer dressing might be for you. This is a great way to keep your outfits mysterious while being flirty and fun.

All White

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Many spring/summer 2019 collection show notes emphasized the theme of lightness, such as Missoni’s, which featured an array of sheer white and pastel looks. It was clear that the designers were aiming for a light and airy look, but also used a variety of color palettes. Some designers chose to go all-white, while others went for a more playful and springy look.

Return of the 90s

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We’re tired of hearing about Y2K. The ’90s are back in style this year. We’ve seen revivals in the past, but this time, it’s all about Friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even The Sopranos has gained traction, thanks to the “mobwife” aesthetic. This is really just a subset of the ’90s core. Leopard print, fuzzy accents, and minimalist-meets-maximalist touches will be all the rage.

Out of Proportion

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The spring/summer runways of 2024 were awash with proportions. Designers experimented with all sorts of shapes and cuts, from ultra-high pants to oversized jackets. These will undoubtedly trickle into everyday fashion. As long as your look isn’t too ordinary, bigger is better.

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