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How to Dress Yourself Like a Chic French Woman

France is one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. With this being mentioned, it’s no surprise that people in that country dresses up fashionably as a way of life. In addition to this, huge fashion events such as the annual fashion week happens in Paris – one more reason why French women are very much updated with the hottest fashion trends from the biggest names in fashion. Well of course, dressing up the chic French way is not only limited to French people! In fact, the world of fashion encourages us to be experimental in terms of style; regardless of where we come from. If you are one of the millions of women greatly inspired by how French girls dress in style, this article is definitely for you. Here are very important style factors that you may want to check out if you want to dress yourself like a chic French woman. Continue reading

Beach Vocation Tricks: 9 Charming Ways to Tie a Sarong

Sarong is not just a traditional garment, but also a fascinating piece of cloth you can add into your daily wardrobe capsule. This fabric is widely used in most Southeast Asian countries, especially in Indonesia. Sarong or sarung, is a significant garment in Indonesia, and wearing this piece is normally attached to the Muslim society in the country. Thus, sarong making is one of the most notable industries in Indonesia, which are exported worldwide.

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5 Fashionable Hats You Can Wear During Summer

Sands on toes, salt in hair, summer breeze on skin— oh summer, we’ve been waiting for you! Well, summer is definitely one of the most anticipated seasons, where the sun is shining brightly and the wind is gushing coolly. And talking about summer, bikinis and tankinis will always be the well-loved summer essentials, as well as sunglasses and sarongs. And to complete your summer nitty-gritties, you should never forget the beach hats. Yes, beach or sun hats must be included in your summer wardrobe capsule. If you’re not quite sure about what to bring on your next travel destination, we’ve itemized some of the hats you can wear during summer. Are you ready to slay your next travel trip with these fashionable sun hats?

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2017 Latest Fashion Trend: Pants under Dress

Over the years, a lot of fashion trends have set the fashion world ablaze with their uniqueness and charm. That’s the great thing about fashion as it paves way for unlocking creativity and resourcefulness. And one distinctive trend that caused a charming stir lately was the pants under dress fashion. This rather unique style of dressing can be intimidating to pursue, but if dressed up properly, then it could definitely be an eye-catching ensemble.

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How to Wear Bohemian Fashion Clothing

A flowy silhouette, playful drapes of fabric and floral prints – these are the most usual factors one can easily associate with Bohemian fashion. The ever-popular Boho fashion has had its own space in the fashion world since the 1960s. It is definitely a type of fashion style that talks about a certain lifestyle wherein women, mostly, defines hip culture in a way that one feels more unconventionally carefree. In addition, the Bohemian fashion style is very easy to pull off for the more effortless it looks, the better! Continue reading

Tips to Create the Perfect 90’s Look In 2017

Are you getting a sense of déjà vu when you look through the hot fashion trends found in popular fashion magazines and popular sites like Pinterest?  Well, your déjà vu feeling is probably coming from the fact that so many people are drawing inspiration from the 90’s for their looks.  Yes, you heard correct.  The 90’s are back and those that invest in this trendy style are looking better than ever before because the 2017 90’s style contains just enough modern appeal to make this look absolutely sensational! So, do you want to dive in and change your look so you can fit in with the modern trend?  Well then, these style tips might help you out just a bit. Continue reading

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