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Tips on Switching Up Your Style in 2017

New year?  New you! Another year has passed, yet you’re still stuck with your old school fashion. If you’re tired dealing with all those fashion woes, then better turn up the beat inside your wardrobe because 2017’s gonna be a one stylish year. It’s time to switch up your style to the highest level and create some memorable fashion statements this year. Continue reading

Let the Vintage Patina Work on Your Closet

Gleaming up your fashion 2017? Let the vintage patina work on your closet! This style has undoubtedly aided lots in spiking up one’s fashion flair and could never go wrong once ideally used. It’s been regarded as that distinct style that can be daring, bold, flamboyant and at the same time, still have its subtle low key shot which intensifies one’s look like no other. Continue reading

The Interesting Fashion of 1970s

Bell-bottomed trousers, vintage coats, pantsuits— these were the well-loved trends during the ’70s. Such decade was portrayed by flamboyant and distinct styles, which was partially dominated by the hippies. Apparently, the decade became the start of an interesting fashion revolution. 1970’s was far more blown up than the previous decades and it created some trends that are even popular up to the present time. Continue reading

The Best of Spring 2017 Trends

With all the trends that reigned during the Spring 2017 fashion weeks all over the world, we could now get a clearer view of what our wardrobe should have the coming year. In general, Spring 2017 is a mix of bolder prints, vibrant stripes and fancy embellishments. Continue reading

Think Pink: Spice Up Your Holidays with Fashionable Pink Pieces

A few more days before 2016 finally comes to a close and we are pretty sure that everyone’s gearing up for the upcoming year. If you are currently thinking about what to wear by the time 2017 arrives, then we hope you like our previous holiday fashion inspiration posts. Haven’t seen them yet? Read: Holiday Lace Fashion & Holiday Purple Fashion. If you loved our Holiday Fashion series, then here’s another post to keep you trendy! We all want a bit of variety for our wardrobe pieces, right? So why not go for something pretty, fun and girly – Think Pink! Continue reading

The Ultimate Fashion Guide: Mix & Match

Fashion has always been an exciting way to brighten up a boring day.  The great thing about fashion is you don’t have to spend more money to achieve a striking look. You just need to master the most valuable fashion secret— mix & match. Mix & match is the most efficient way to make the most out of wardrobe essentials. Continue reading

The Stylish Royal Moments of 2016

2016 wouldn’t be complete if we won’t have a recap of some of the most stylish moments in the world of fashion. However, let’s take it to the high and sophisticated level as we give you the Top 20 Royal Style Moments of 2016. From the well-loved Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to the recognized Queen Elizabeth II, you’ll surely fall in love with their elegant dresses and stunning hats. Continue reading

30 Best Red Carpet Moments of 2016

Time flies really fast! In just a couple of days, we are about to kiss 2016 goodbye and great a whole new year ahead of us. This year had its own ups and downs; in the fashion world, it’s either hot or not. Hollywood has been really amazing and a ton of gorgeous celebrities definitely stunned us in so many levels. We have listed these celebrities along with the designer pieces of their choice to take a look back at their greatest fashion moments. So before we wrap this year up, we would like to dedicate this article to the most unforgettable red carpet looks this year. Continue reading

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