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Season’s Best: Must-Try Fragrances for Her

Choosing a good perfume is more than just smelling good but also feeling good. Perfumes feature certain notes that can absolutely transform you and complete your daily routine. Can you imagine leaving the house without even getting a single spray?! Fragrances have been an enormous part of everybody’s life for it embraces both fashion and lifestyle and a world without fragrance is unimaginable. Continue reading

10 Steps to A Vintage Makeup

The 20th century kicked off a dramatic transformation of cosmetics celebrities became the spokesmodels for major international cosmetics firms. Inevitably, the application of makeup became an art to itself and several looks emerged that have become idolized the world over. The following are some of the vintage makeup looks that have maintained a strong presence on the fashion scene both past and present. Continue reading

Get a Kissable Pout with the Best Lip Scrubs

Flaked and chapped lips, especially in winter reminds of a reptile shedding its skin. Nothing could be more irritating than this uncomfortable feeling. Though both genders have to face this embarrassing situation but females are more concerned because they just want soft and supple pouts all the time (especially in a selfie). All you can think about is to apply some lip balm or to buff away this dead skin from your lips. There are a number of lip scrubs available in drugstores. What you need is to pick the best lip scrubs or best drugstore exfoliator to do the trick. Read on to know all about it.

Continue reading

Kylie Jenner’s Phenomenal Lipstick Looks

There is no doubt on Kylie Jenner’s unstoppable fame. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has become one of the most influential public figures for millennials and every single trend associated with her skyrockets to instant popularity. She’s the socialite everyone can’t stop talking about – and when people though her influence only embraces teenagers, she went to be her own business tycoon. In 2015, Kylie Jenner launched her very own cosmetics line featuring groundbreaking lip kits which everyone went crazy for! Continue reading

Top 5 Questions Asked about BB and CC Creams

When it comes to skin care and makeup, you will hear two of the most common and popular products in the market: the BB cream and the cc cream. If you are wondering what these two are, you are not alone. A lot of people have been asking the same questions about these creams as they shop for what’s best to buy and use for their skin. Continue reading

Step Up Your Makeup Game with these Gorgeous Makeup Trends to Try for 2017

Every year has its own set of beauty trends. If 2016 is all about that famous  makeup – blinding highlighter, Kylie Jenner full nude lips and neutral eye shadows, 2017 is definitely up for a whole different set of makeup trends. We have done our own research and went through reputable beauty and fashion magazines to know what trendy makeup styles should women try this year. To our surprise, 2017 holds quite a mix of vibrant vintage trends! We don’t want to keep you hanging anymore so without further ado, here are 7 Gorgeous Makeup Trends to Try this 2017! Continue reading

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