The Dual Faces of Lash Extensions: Advantages & Disadvantages Unveiled

You want longer lashes but don’t have time to wait for growth serums, mascara or false lashes to work. Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment. Thirty years back, you would have been told that your request was unreasonable.

No service, no matter how effective or transformative it is, can be perfect. After using them for a little over a year I feel like I have experienced the pros and cons of eyelash extensions. Here are the pros and cons you should know before making your appointment.

Eyelash extension Pros

1. You can cut your makeup routine in half.

Clementina Richison, celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, says: “I have heard from clients that they can cut their morning routine by 20-30 minutes, because lash extensions eliminate the need to curl their lashes, apply mascara, or wear eye makeup at all.”

You don’t need to wear eye makeup. The lashes helped me to look awake, even when I had only three hours sleep. They also took the focus off my dark under-eye circles. It has never happened, but there were days I didn’t use any concealer.

2. They’re customizable.

You should discuss with your specialist how you would like your eyelashes and your main concerns about your natural lashes before application. Why did you book an appointment? What length do you desire? Volume? Fullness? This is for a once-in-a lifetime event. You want to bring attention to your eye color or shape. After you answer these questions, the specialist can help you select the best set to suit your needs. This will also enhance the shape of your eyes. You won’t be wearing the same eyelashes that your coworker does.

3. No mascara mishaps.

The use of extensions eliminates smudges and flaking mascara. Richardson says that no matter how bad your day was or how late you stayed up, you’ll always look gorgeous without any makeup. Many of our clients also say that they see fewer fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes because they’re not constantly removing stubborn eye makeup.

Taking off your makeup is also easier at night.

Eyelash extension Cons

1. These can be costly.

There are costs associated with maintaining any beauty treatment. This includes regular manicures and colorist appointments. The initial set of Envious Lashes costs between $140 and $400, depending on whether a stylist or master stylist applied them. Touch-ups, which are recommended every two to three months (three weeks is pushing it FYI), start at $140. You have to be prepared to make a financial commitment.

2. It takes a lot of work to maintain the vehicle.

You know now that you will have to visit the salon at least every two or three weeks. You’ll also be saving time in your morning routine. It’s a win-win situation. You also need to adhere to very specific care instructions for eyelash extensions to maintain the health of the natural lashes and the extension’s appearance.

You can’t remove your eye makeup with an oil-based product. It will loosen the glue, causing the extensions to fall off faster. The lashes should be cleaned and brushed daily using the little spoolie brushes that are usually included, as well as a lash serum like Luxuriating Lash Conditioner Serum. Richardson says that the formula is gentle enough to be used every day, and it stimulates hair growth while moisturizing and strengthening. It nourishes short lashes, brittle and thin with its unique formula, which has been designed with the perfect pH balance in order to increase your lashes’ volume. This product will also prevent your eyelashes from sticking to each other.

3. It’s time to break some bad habits.

If you can’t stop rubbing your eyes and have allergies, then eyelash extensions are not for you.

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