Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Eye Serum Application for Radiant Eyes

Eyes are the focal point of our attention when it concerns skin aging. It is in the naturally thin and delicate area around the eyes that our first fine wrinkles and lines begin to appear.

Eye serums that treat these concerns are as light as air and melt into the skin, delivering potent ingredients to maximize results instantly and over time. The category continues to grow and innovate for these reasons, as well as others, in order to address common eye concerns such as puffiness, fine lines, and under-eye circle.

In the last couple of years the Skin Caviar Eye Lift from Swiss heritage brand La Prairie has stood out in this category, much to the delight and surprise of its fans, including InStyle’s beauty staff! The new formula has been updated with ingredients that improve lifting, firming and smoothing. Not just the outer corners, but also the upper lids, eyebrows and more for a more holistic approach.

The Skin Caviar Eye Lift 2.0, like the original, uses a dual-chamber bottle. This allows for two formulas, one in caviar bead form and the other in emulsion gel tourmaline pink, to be kept in separate chambers, preserving their purity. With a simple pump press, you can combine the two formulas to create one silky product.

In this product, Caviar Infinite is a proprietary blend of caviar protein, caviar oil, and other valuable components of caviar that works to improve the skin ligament structure in the hypodermis. Caviar Micronutrients, which are a blend of caviar proteins, caviar oils and other precious components of the caviar, work to strengthen and improve skin ligament structures in the hypodermis.

“They synergistically densify the dermal structure of the skin by reactivating crucial ligament-to cell communication in the hypodermis,” Dr. Daniel Stangl says, La Prairie Director of Innovation. As a result of this, skin ligaments are strengthened and denser. The number of adipocytes increases and these combined effects increase the volume of hypodermal tissue. This holistic approach to all skin layers lifts the eyebrows and upper eyelids, firms the eye area, reduces wrinkles, reduces puffiness under the eyes, and redefines the eye contours.

Stangl explains what an eye serum does, how it is applied, and why you should use it in conjunction with an eye cream to get the best results.

What is Eye Serum?

Stangl explains that eye serums are skin care products with a light texture, easy to absorb into the delicate skin around the eyes, and are formulated for specific eye problems. They contain powerful, water-soluble ingredients that are formulated to address specific eye issues.

How to apply eye serum

If not otherwise stated, eye serums should be applied to clean skin morning and night. The skin around the eyes is very delicate. Use your ring finger as a gentle tool to blend and tap your eye serum.

Stangl says, “Starting from the inner corner of your eye, place dots along the eyelid’s crease until you reach the outer corner.” Do the same on the orbital bone and temples. Also, apply under the eyes. Remember: Less is more. Eye serums can be potent and they don’t need to irritate your skin or eyes.

Stangl adds, “A pleasant lifting sensation occurs with the dabbing motion, adding an indulgent moment to your morning or evening skincare routine.”

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Layering Eye Cream and Serum

Eye serums are not a replacement for eye cream. They work together in order to achieve the best results. Stangl says that eye creams have a thicker texture and are more universal than eye serums. Stangl says that eye creams are used to hydrate skin, by strengthening the stratum Corneum in the skin and locking in moisture.

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