9 Twee-Inspired Wardrobe Basics Making a Major Comeback

Imagine: It’s 2011. You have just downloaded Instagram, an app that filters your pictures to give them retro-like grain. You browse sites like Tumblr for inspiration and moody quotes. According to all blogs, Zooey has the best style. This is who you were inspired by to buy fit-and flare dresses from American Apparel, and to invest in a pair Oxford shoes. You’re on board with the twee trend.

As with many revivals in recent years, some fans of the OG style may need a little convincing. Weren’t skater skirts just deemed cheugy a few years ago? What’s our exact stance on tights? How can you add quirky pieces to your wardrobe without looking juvenile?

Answer is simple: Do whatever works for you. In recent years, fashionistas have put their personal style before anything else, incorporating one or two key pieces from current trends into their daily wardrobe. You don’t have to recreate Jess’s New Girl wardrobe. It’s not necessary to recreate 2012 Twee. Instead, choose one or two items that feel current and cool thanks to street style and brands like Miu Miu.


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In the early days of Twee fashion, an outfit was incomplete without a pair of fancy flats. In place of chunky sneakers and UGGs we wore lace-up loafers, monk straps, and oxfords. The loafer has even made its way into our closets over the last two years. Even a simple black pair can look modern and relaxed when styled with slouchy cuffs. Keds are a great casual option for this trend. We’ve seen them on celebrities in recent months.

Patterned Tights

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In addition to fishnets and tights with polka dots or monogrammed designs, these tights are a must-have for winter. They not only add a playful touch, but also keep our legs warm. Win-win.

Fit-and-Flare Dresses

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And pinafore designs, too! Cotton is the most common material for this sweet style that cinches in at the waist. It’s easy to throw on and go. If it feels too plain, you can layer a sleeveless style over a long-sleeved button-down shirt or turtleneck to add interest.


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We don’t mind leaving the bottom buttons unfastened, but we also can’t give up the classic style. Cardigans can be worn over an outfit or fully fastened to add some preppy flair.

Playful prints

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When we think about Twee 1.0 and the birds that inspired it, our minds are filled with images of them. Sweet animal graphics – horses, dogs and especially intarsia – helped define this cutesy type of look. Now, strange prints have returned.

Standout Collars

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A statement collar will help you achieve the Twee aesthetic, which was heavily influenced in part by the 1960s. This small change will instantly give your outfit an air of whimsicalism, whether you choose a Peter Pan style, a scalloped or pilgrim collar, or oversized.

Layered knits

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You’ll want to show off your collar when wearing a sweater with a print. This is a classic, no-fuss preppy look that feels very 2012 Twee, especially when you add a few necklaces.

Seasonless Shorts

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Until recently, wearing tights with shorts was considered a very big deal. This styling choice is in keeping with our wardrobe being seasonless, and making the best of what we have, so we are willing to bring it back.


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Hats are a classic accessory. But the days of Tumblr style convinced us to invest in wide-brimmed fedoras or newsboy caps. Both instantly add oomph and panache to any outfit.

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