Step-by-Step Guide to a Soft Sleek Wet Hair Look – No Crunch Allowed

Trends are all about nostalgia and bringing us back to simpler days. The grunge look is back, body glitter is in, and zig-zags are once again in. The wet look is our favorite of all current throwback styles. Megan Fox Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid are just a few celebrities who have worn their hair this way. It’s not hard to understand why. It’s edgy and sexy — and timeless. Castillo says that it has always had a certain vibe.

You can’t simply walk out of the bathroom after a shower. Once your hair is dry, it won’t look as sleek and almost dripping. You need to know which products you should use to achieve this look and how to apply them.

Consider Your hair type and length

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Determine your hair type first. It’s not the same for everyone, whether you have textured or untextured hair. Consider your hair’s length. The products will be applied from the root to the tip of shorter hair, while medium and long hairstyles will focus the products at the roots up to the middle.

Castillo believes that everyone can part their hair to enhance the style and balance the energy. You can choose a middle, side, or zig-zag hair part. To achieve a traditional look with wet hair, comb the hair back into a sleek and slicked look.

Curly Hair Tips: Wet Look

Michael Duenas is a celebrity hairstylist, founder of Veluer Creative and says that if you have a curly pattern or tight kinks, use a hair oil and very strong-hold hair gel on towel-dried, damp hair. Blend the two products together and then use a fine tooth comb to work it into your hair. He then recommends adding weight to your ends with hair clips in order to slightly pull out the curl. Remove them after your hair has dried. He explains that this will keep the style in place all day long.

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Straight Hair Tips: Wet Looks

Castillo suggests that hair of other types be coated in lightweight oil or gel, from the roots to the ends for an oily and sleek finish. He says that when he finishes this look, he wants to ensure all hair is covered in product. The hairline and parts should also be controlled. He says that before finishing the look, spray hair with strong-hold hairspray from the roots to the mid-length.

Create a cocktail with a “Wet look”

Mixing products is the best way to get a look of wet hair that will last all day. Duenas recommends using a mixture of mousse, conditioner and a light gel to create a look that will last the entire day. The conditioner gives your hair a softer feel and allows you to scrunch it and still get a wet appearance. The mousse and gel create a strong, pliable hold.

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