How Eclectic Style Clothing Enhances Your Personal Power

Fashion is about to undergo a major change. Retro styles, chunky jewelry, and baggy, textured silhouettes are all in style. It’s time for eclectic fashion.

In 2023, the runway was dominated by quiet luxury, with timeless trench coats and tailored trousers, as well as crisp, simple tees. In 2024, however, the fashion industry is moving away from minimalism and embracing retro streetwear. The number of searches for “eclectic fashion style” on Pinterest has increased by +130% over the last few months.

The new style of celebrities such as Harry Styles and Tyler The Creator is eclectic clothing, including the “eclectic grandfather” trend. This includes kitschy knitwear and vintage items, like baseball caps, loafers and retro-styled clothes. You can replicate the look by using custom-made or thrifted items, but part of what makes this trend so appealing is the individuality. Gen-Z is also looking for clothing that will last and look fashionable when they reach the age of their grandparents.

Leila Shams CEO of TA3 says, “I think people have grown tired of the same old trends. They are boring and quiet. “The new trends I see are ’70s/’90s inspired. “I love the bold prints, bright colors and big hair that are currently in fashion. I especially like neon, rainbow and leopard.”

You can style this trend in a variety of ways.

Chunky Knitwear

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You can easily incorporate eclectic style into your everyday routine if you don’t shy away from colors but still want to wearable clothing. Layer on top of a long-sleeved shirt with patterned trousers for a little dimension. Combining textures, colors and patterns creates a unique look that is still balanced and chic.

Kitschy Sweaters

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Tyler The Creator combined modern textures and styles to classic menswear items for a balanced, eclectic appearance. The kitschy sweater, arguably the father of grandfather-style clothing adds a fun, preppy style to classic denim jeans, and sophisticated loafers. Tyler’s retro style is modernized with a green trucker hat, cross-body bag and matching green trucker.

Baggy Silhouettes

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The eclectic style trend is based on baggy silhouettes. You can pay homage to the styles of the 1970s by pairing baggy skirts and oversized tops. Knitted textures and leopard prints, as well as chunky accessories, really help to bring these styles together.

Bold Denim & Chunky Sneakers

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Gigi Hadid’s look is a tribute to the ’90s. She paired her vintage leather jacket and tight sweater vest with chunky sneakers, customized denim and a tailored shirt for a streetwear-inspired look. This style shows that you can mix and match textures and colors without overwhelming your outfit. It gives you the edge you need to embrace the latest trends while feeling casual enough for your daily errands.

Leopard print

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Leopard print has returned to fashion and seems to be here for good. If you are not ready to go all out with animal prints, layer a leopard-print shirt over a neutral jacket and pants. Add a pair red gloves, chunky, slouchy booties, and bold textures to your look if you want to take it a step further.

Tweed Jackets

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Every woman and man should own a tweed jacket. The tweed jacket is a classic that can be paired with anything to create an effortless look. Style with black slim trousers and a matching top in tweed to look like a runway model.

Mixture of Colors and Textures

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We know that mixing textures and colours can seem intimidating. But anyone can make it look effortless. You can start by wearing your favorite printed dress. We all have one in our closets. Then, build on it with a colorful fuzzy sweater or a solid-colored button. Play around with the accessories. When embracing maximalist style, chunky leather boots and kitschy shades can make a big difference.

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