Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving a Natural, Everyday Makeup Look

There’s a plethora of beauty trends this season, from ’90s makeup to frosted shadow to peach fuzz. There’s still something to be said for a classic look, such as simple everyday makeup, that never goes out of fashion.

Jonet Williamson, a professional makeup artist and beauty specialist, says that the secret to getting the no-makeup look is to assess what you need rather than just following the steps. Everything from skincare to coverage must be tailored to the area where it is needed. Williamson has created a guide that will help you achieve natural, effortless beauty.

Scroll down to learn how to do simple everyday makeup. You can mix and match steps to create your own custom routine.

Apply Tinted Moisturizer

Even out the skin tone after completing your daily skincare regimen with a tinted moisturiser. Williamson says to apply it like your normal moisturizer but only use the amount you need.

You can then go back to correct blemishes or touch up any spots.

Hide any trouble spots

Use concealer to cover any dark circles or blemishes that require a little more coverage. For a natural, seamless finish, choose a formula with pigments that isn’t cakey or matte.

Use Translucent Powder if Necessary

Williamson suggests using a setting powder if you have oily or uneven skin. Use a soft brush to apply it in a circular movement.

Use a warm blush color

Apply a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks to create a subtle, natural flush. You can use your fingertips to massage color into your skin or a makeup sponge.


Williamson recommends a touch of sparkle for a dewy look. When applied to the right spots (cheekbones and nose bridge) a glowy setting powder doubles as a highlighter.

Shade Your Eyelids

The shimmery champagne eyeshadow makes your eyes look bright and awake. You can use an eyeshadow brush and apply the color to your eyelids up to your crease. Also, make sure to include the inner corners of your eye and your browbone.

Use Eyeliner

To add definition, use a black or steel gray eyeliner pencil to dot between your top lashes. This simple step allows you to transform your day-to-night makeup from a natural look to a more dramatic one.

Mascara Swipe

Few coats of glossy eyelash mascara will enhance your eyelashes. Apply two coats on top lashes and one on bottom lashes. Choose a dark shade to give a soft finish.

Enhance Your Lips

Choose a balm that is tinted to match your lips. Use your finger to apply it straight from the tube for a natural finish.

Multi-Use Products

Multi-purpose makeup products can save you time and money. You can combine eyeshadow, lip gloss, and blush into one product to keep in your bag for quick touch ups.

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