Seasonal Foundation Tweaks for a Flawless Look

Our skin reacts to changes in temperature. Many people find that the transition from winter into spring requires a lighter formula and application of foundation, as a heavy foundation can be too heavy. The transition from summer into fall and winter can require a lighter tone of foundation to suit skin that has been less exposed to the sun.

It’s important to know that, no matter what time of the year it is, you can lighten your foundation to avoid having to constantly buy new bottles. Makeup artists are happy to share their tips.

Create Your Perfect Shade

Natalie Dresher, a celebrity makeup artist, recommends that you keep three foundation shades in your cabinet at all times. She explains that her favorite way to change the shade of foundation is to have three shades: my typical shade, two lighter shades, and two deeper shades. Then I can blend them in the proportions I like.”

Three shades of concealer will also allow you to customize your foundation color. Dresher says that she uses a Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($32), in white, to make her foundation lighter. If you want to lighten up a darker complexion or tanner skin, use “Shape tape Radiant” in a shade three to four shades lighter. Mix until the desired color is achieved.

Jose Corella, a celebrity makeup artist, uses the same technique. He says that the easiest way to lighten foundation at home is to add a lighter concealer. If you want to lighten your foundation, this is the trick. Usually concealer used under the eyes is two or three shades lighter. Add as much concealer until you get the perfect shade.

Dresher advises that a little concealer can go a long way when it comes to pigmentation. She says that using concealer to mix with your foundation will allow you to wear it for a longer period of time without changing the consistency.

Dresher also says that you should mix your perfect shade by taking into account your chest and neck (not your face), when you are mixing your perfect color. You may end up with a noticeable jaw line.

Play with Different Textures

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Suzy Gerstein, a celebrity makeup artist in NYC, says that you can experiment with different textures of foundation to find the right formula for your skin tone.

She says that she likes to mix a heavier, thicker foundation with a lighter and more luminous product. “Tom Ford’s Stick Foundations ($90), MAC Face & Body ($42) and MAC Face & Body Studio Radiance (renamed Studio Radiance, $42) are my favorite combinations that give me coverage where I need it while still creating the illusion of skin.”

Change up Your application technique

How you apply the foundation also affects its coverage. Gerstein says that you can lighten your foundation with products already in your skin care and makeup collection. If I normally use a brush to apply foundation, I prefer using a Beautyblender ($20), dampened with water. This gives a sheerer finish.

Gerstein suggests that you can get creative when it comes to primer if you want a luminous, sheer complexion, but are worried about oily or combination skin in transitional weather. She suggests applying mattifying primer to areas of your face that are more textured, such as either side the nose.

Add Lightweight Products To Your Routine

Dresher, Gerstein and other experts agree that even with the best concealer shades, creative application techniques and a variety of foundations, it is sometimes necessary to try a brand new product in order to achieve your ideal complexion. Gerstein recommends adding tints to your beauty regimen during spring and summer. Some popular options are the Dr. Jart Premium BB Tinted Moisturizer with Niacinamide & SPF 40 ($46), CLE Cosmetics CC Cream ($38), or Chanel LES B√ČIGES Water-Fresh Tint (US$70).

You can make a tinted moisturizer that is luminous by adding a few pumps of your favorite foundation into your regular moisturizer.

Gerstein recommends that you start with the middle of your face, blend it out and add more product as needed. She adds that if you feel there are some areas where more coverage is needed, use a stick foundation, such as the new Skin Rewind Complexionstick from Ilia ($48), applied only to those spots. When choosing a shade, choose a warmer one. With these sheer formulations you can bump up the heat on your skin if needed, especially as we head into summer.

Gerstein suggests that to complete the spring makeup look you should finish it with a mist infused with skin care, such as the Lisa Eldridge Makeup and Skin Enhancing Mist (42 dollars). She concludes: “[Then] pat a radiant product, like the Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint (84), onto the perimeter to blend the makeup and skincare. This will make everything appear less cosmetic and more natural.”

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