Ways to Rock Your Cowboy Boots with Style

We’re at critical mass for cowboy boots. We love the rugged edge that a pair can add to an outfit, but these boots have become over-exposed as this year’s biggest shoe trend. There are plenty of ways to update the classic cowboy boot look, such as giving it a new makeup.

The next step is to decide how you want to style them. You’ll find 11 ways to wear cowboy boots that you will love, whether you are drawn to the latest takes on this trend or you have a pair you love.

Slip Dress

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Emily Ratajkowski is known for her cowboy boot fashion inspiration. We love this look because it’s the perfect blend of hardness and softness.

Garter Skirt

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Try pairing a metallic cowboy boot with a fuzzy sweater and a skirt in the garter style. The unexpected mix of textures, along with the boots and lingerie detail keep this look on trend.

An Oversized Blazer

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Wearing oversized blazers and A-line miniskirts will create a ’80s cool silhouette. But you can give it a unique edge by pairing this look with cowboy boots, instead of heels or loafers. Choose boots in a pastel color to keep the retro vibe of this outfit.

A Matching Set

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Cowboy boots are great because they can be worn with many different styles. This brightly-patterned set with golden cowboy boots is a perfect example. The end result of a bra and matching bottoms is fashion magic.

A Casual Midi Skirt

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Kendall Jenner is another celebrity who enjoys wearing cowboy boots to run errands. Wear a matching tank and cowboy boots to channel her off-duty model energy.

Quiet Luxury Separates

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The quiet luxury aesthetic is here to stay this summer, just like the East Coast humidity. Add a pair or vibrant metallic cowboy boots to add some flair.

Minidress with a Statement

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Cowboy boots are a statement on their own but can also be worn to soften another bold piece. Next time you’re having trouble finding heels to go with a bold dress, try a pair cowboy boots instead.

Dress down a formal maxi

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We have a simple solution for you if you’ve got an amazing maxi dress that is a little too formal to wear every day. Instead of letting your maxi dress gather dust while you wait to attend a movie premier, throw on a pair cowboy boots with a cropped jacket or an oversized blazer. Combining streetwear outerwear with rugged shoes can give your dress a new lease of life.

Lots of Fringe

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Cowboy boots with fringe are like Margot Robbie’s Barbiecore. You don’t need to go head-to toe in fringe to be a fashion cowgirl. These two Westernwear staples work so well together. Start small by adding a fringed bag or skirt and then build on that.

Dress Up Denim

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Cowboy boots are a great way to dress up a denim mini or maxi skirt. We recommend a statement handbag that contrasts with your clothing and matches your boots for maximum impact.


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You can’t go far wrong with cowboy boots and union-alls for a casual look that is a little more buttoned-up. This look is all about accessories, so grab your loudest bag and pile on belts and bracelets.

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