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9 Fashionable Ideas to Stylish Combinations of Skirt and Boot

Some outfit combinations are timeless because they just work. The pairing of skirts and boots is as old as the hills. They’ve appeared on many runways, and celebrities are often seen wearing them. Skirts with boots are a great way to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe, whether you’re looking for comfort or a feminine touch. They are not only complementary, but varying lengths of skirts can create memorable outfits with personality.

We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to pair boots with skirts, whether you prefer a sequined leather skirt and matching Chelsea boots or a more funkier outfit like slouchy skirts and Moon Boots.

Pair Cargo and Combat

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It’s fun to add a little flair to a classic style with a cargo skirt with a thigh high slit that sits below the hips. A pair of combat boots in black will look great.

Mix metals

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Fashion is a very personal thing. You can mix functional boots for snow with something sparkly and festive like this midi-tinsel fitted skirt.

Kick up Your (Cowboy Boots)

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This season the western-inspired boot is a big hit, and Bey herself has worn it on multiple occasions. Cowboy boots can be worn with a variety of outfits, including pleated miniskirts.

Style Leather with Latex

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When paired with Chelsea leather boots, a fitted latex midi-skirt looks edgy. Choose a high-waisted skirt with a slight in front that finishes right above the ankle to showcase your boot.

Try out the Unexpected

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You can clean your Ugg boots easily. You can add them to any ladylike outfit with a white flare skirt in a boho style and white tube socks for a street-style vibe.

Switch things up

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Layer a mini-skirt over your classic white button-down to add some dimension. You can also rock a pair of high-thigh boots in any color.

Keep it Consistent

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Why not combine a skirt and boots that are the same colour? It’s even better if there is a little extra interest in the boot, such as this pair of funky novelty boots with a pop neon green at their base.

Be Transparent

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The sheer skirt is a great way to showcase your favorite leather cowboy boot. Dare to be bare in a sheer tulle skirt with black leather boots that are slouchy. This look is both elegant and dramatic.

Get the Blues

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Blues can sometimes be a positive thing. Mix and match your handbag, shoes and skirt in the same blue family. Monochromatic outfits are easy to wear and look polished, no matter what the occasion.

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