20 Orange Nail Looks to Brighten Up Your Day

Classic nail colors include red, pink and white. We see red, pink and white in everyday manicures. What about a less common color? Orange. We are firm believers in the fact that any color can be used to create a beautiful nail design. So we searched for unique bright orange nail designs. First stop: the pros. Our first stop?

LaTara Hae, a nail artist at Nailing Hollywood, says that a classic French or ombre Orange nail looks stunning with contrasting nude shades. “Marble nails can also be combined with other colors. There are also seasonal orange nail designs, which look like citrus fruits. But that is just the tip. Find 20 orange nail designs to brighten your spring manicure.

Koi Fish Nails

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This goldenfish nail art is by Hang Nguyen, a Nailing Hollywood nail artist. It incorporates a fun element that goes perfectly with orange colors,” says Mazz Hanna. She’s the CEO of Nailing Hollywood – an agency that specializes in the nail industry. This unique orange nail design might not work with DIY skills, so book a manicure appointment for a professional to create it.

Orange Squiggle French Tip

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French manicures are beautiful in any colour. If you want to make a French manicure orange even more unique, choose squiggles with tiny minty-blue flower overlays. Nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens created the look by using Gucci Glossy Nail Polish in Peggy Sunburn ($35), Dorothy Turquoise ($35), Melinda Green ($35), and Cecilia Ivory ($35).

Vivid Tomato Orange Nails

image 15 9

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Oranges in certain shades are so beautiful, they should steal the limelight. What is a good example? This vibrant tomato orange nail polish ($10), also known as essie’s To DIY for Nail Lacquer.

Pink Aura Nails

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Aura nails will be extremely popular in 2024. They can be made in any color including orange. Start with a pink base and then dab orange polish in the middle of each nail using a sponge. Finish with top coat.

Jelly Orange Skittle Nails

image 15 11

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This Skittle orange jelly manicure is a great way to try out this popular trend. Cirque Colors’ Nail Polishes in Citron, Saffron Fufu and Mango are perfect for creating the solid-hued manicure.

Alternating Pink and Orange Nails

image 15 12

@thehangedit/ Instagram

What a fun color-block manicure! This pink and orange manicure is by Nguyen. Striping tape, your favorite pink or orange polishes and striping tape can be used to recreate this look.

Jelly Pumpkin Nails

image 15 13

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Two unexpected nail styles are orange nail colors and jellies. You can create a stunning manicure by combining the two. Cirque Colors ($13) Nail Polish in Hearth Jelly or Heart of Gold will help you create this look at home.

Groovy Swirl Nails

image 15 14

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The ’70s are still a popular style in 2024. You might want to consider the ’70s look for your nails. Sapiens created this look using essie Sunshine Be Mine Nail Lacquer (which was sold out), Nailtopia Jamaican Me Crazy Nail Polish, and Lights Lacquer’s Hide the Rum Nail Polish.

Orange Daisy Nails

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@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

You can make your manicure look cheerful and bright even if you do not choose a vibrant orange color. Take a look at this orange daisy manicure. Cute, no? The nail lacquer was OPI Nail Lacquer ($12), in the colors Trading Paint, Alpine Snow and Put it in neutral.

Mango Cutout Cuticle Nails

image 15 16

@lauradidmynails / Instagram

Consider creating a cutout look for orange nails instead of the French manicure by placing the arches near the cuticle. Orly Half Moon Guides (£7) will allow you to DIY this look. Stick them at each cuticle, and then paint the arch with the color you choose. Hanna says that Nailing Hollywood artist Laura Malarkey, who used Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish ($11), in the shade “Let’s Do a Makeover”, is the perfect color for you if you like this mango-y orange. If you don’t own a gel lamp, Morgan Taylor’s Let’s Do A Makeover is the equivalent lacquer to this gel polish.

Orange Jelly Confetti Nails

image 15 17

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

What is a simple way to enhance any orange nail? Use a confetti-like topcoat.

Orange Evil Eye Nails

image 15 18

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You don’t have time to do nail art, but you are tired of the solid look? Opt for one statement nail. Hanna says that adding an accent nail to a solid-color manicure is a great idea. This eye nail art from Hang is a perfect way to add a subtle but intriguing touch to orange mani. The orange base of this manicure is CND’s B-day candle. This gorgeous orange shade adds warmth to the overall look.”

Pink Shimmer Orange French Tips

image 15 19

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This is another example of how adding a top coat to an orange manicure can make it look more vibrant. This mesmerizing French manicure was created using only one polish, Cirque Colors’ Brightside Do Good Polish ($17).

Orange Mismatch Gradient Nails

image 15 20

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Consider combining orange with other red shades for a bright, ultra-bright nail look. Nguyen achieved this here. Hanna says that combining orange and red gives a vibrant and energetic look. It’s a color combination that reminds her of a warm, summer sunset. This nail art is simple to create at home. All you need are a few shades of orange and red polishes, and a nail brush. Striping tape is a great tool to help you create clean lines.

Red Ombre Shine Nails

image 15 21

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Orange shades are great for ombre nails because they instantly create a scorching look. Paint horizontal lines on a sponge in the colors you want to create an ombre nail effect at home. Dab the sponge on your nails to achieve the desired coverage. Finish with a topcoat to smooth out any fade.

Sheer Pink & Orange Bullseye Nails

image 15 22

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Orange and pink create a vibrant mod nail look which is bright and sunny. Hanna, in reference to Nguyen’s bullseye manicure, says that orange and pink are a feminine and vibrant combination ideal for sunny weather and warm days. It’s a combination that will make your nails pop.”

Solid Spritz Nails

image 15 23

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This bright orange nail polish may look familiar, but it is actually a slightly different shade. It’s more orange in tone (as opposed red). Sandy Lane is by MiniLuxe and unfortunately, it’s sold out. But the 90210 Polish by the brand is close behind.

Short Pale Peach Nails

image 15 24

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Bright orange does not have to be a bold shade. You can achieve a bright look with softer pastels. Think about how vibrant your nails will look when painted in white or pastel lime. Hanna recommends pastel orange for those looking for a subtle color. It adds a touch of sunshine to nails without going all out.

Spritz Aura Nails

image 15 25

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

You love all the colors that you see above? Aura nails can be created in any color (as can most nail art). This spritz-inspired look is one of our favorites. It makes us think of the Amalfi coast.

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