Mastering Spring’s Most Chic & Versatile Shoe with Effortless Styling Tricks

Mules are one of our favorite spring shoe styles. The only thing that can top a new pair of mules, is the perfect outfit for warm weather to go with them. This striking, chic shoe has its own flaws. Mules are a unique shoe style that can be difficult to walk in at first. They’re also not the best choice for rainy weather. Once you find your perfect fit and style, it is hard to find another shoe that will make you look as stylish. We’ve listed our top ten mules for ladies below.

Mules are a close cousin to the casual and sturdy clog. They tend to be sleeker and lighter, with more embellishments and a higher level of style than utilitarian shoes. Mules are a great way to combine fashion and comfort. They come in many styles from flats to high platforms, and everything in between. We’ve outlined how to wear and style mules throughout the year.

Create a Sharper Separate

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The same as pumps, pointy-toe mules can be worn with the same effect. We recommend wearing pointy-toe mules with separates that are business casual to enhance your clean lines.

Brighten up with Bows

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Mules are a classic and have been around for a very long time. Their ultra-feminine style dates back to the 18th Century. When planning how to wear mules, there’s no need for full skirts or corsets. The mules add an elegant touch to any outfit, from the casual separates to even the smallest of mini dresses.

Booties Embolden

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Wedge-boots and western-style mules are a great compromise between ankle booties and cowboy boots. They look stunning with dresses or skirts that reach to the knee. They add a little edge to a sweet, soft ensemble and are easier to walk in.

Change up your old sandals

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Style mules the same way you would style their closest equivalent. For example, open-toed mules can easily replace sandals with any warm-weather outfit. Choose a pair of mules in contrasting colors and combine them with neutral pieces for a fashion boost.

Choose Opulent Adornments

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When embellished with rhinestones or glitter, mules’ already-striking silhouette is amplified. You don’t even need to wear a tall, skinny or stacked heel to achieve the desired effect. When embellished, even flat mules will make a statement.

Style with Socks

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Platform mules are the ideal shoe for wearing with socks. Platform mules are not only the most durable mule, but they also come in a variety of candy-colored colors that go well with sheer, ruffle or patterned socks.

Get Luxe Loafers

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As we’ve mentioned, the key to wearing mules is to find their closest equivalent and make a stylish swap. This rule is applicable to both sandals and loafers. Although we are big fans of loafers, mules with a loafer style add an extra level of sophistication to your look, especially if you pair them with a low-heeled shoe or hardware inspired by equestrians.

Keep it Casual

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Flat mules are a great way to elevate your jeans and tee look. Consider flat mules as a higher-end version of slides or flip-flops. Look for ones with minimalist but striking design elements like color-blocking or hardware.

Add inches to a casual ‘Fit

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We mean it when we say that block heel mules can elevate casual outfits. The sturdy heel of this style provides a comfortable fit and a stylish height. Block heel mules, aside from platforms, are the most comfortable heels to wear for adding a few more inches to your favorite matching outfit.

Bold Basics

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Our favorite street-style looks often involve some genre juxtaposition. Take, for example, the outfit with bike shorts and satin mules shown above. Fashion choices that are bold are often based on tension and contrast. For example, a pair strappy mules paired with bike shorts and oversized sweatshirt. You’ll find it hard to find an outfit as stylish or comfortable.

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