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Dressing Up as ‘Wednesday’? Here Are 10+ Outfits for Halloween & More

Since Netflix released the series on Wednesday, November 20, 2022, the dark, moody world created by Tim Burton has dominated our screens and hearts. The series is a deep dive into Wednesday Addams’ life, as played by Jenna Ortega. But it’s more than just the stories that are making fans so excited.

Between the Addams family drama and the mystery of a supernatural school, there is a wealth of fashion inspiration. The wardrobe department of the show was clearly working overtime under Colleen, an Academy Award winning costume designer. The show’s dark academic vibes and modern goth inspired trends both on and off of the runway. If you enjoyed Wednesday’s outfits as much as you did the plot twists then you are in the right spot. Below, we’ll reveal the fashion secrets behind Nevermore Academy students.

A Classic Update

image 12 11


Wednesday Addams’ iconic look is refreshed in the first episode. In the Netflix show, Wednesday Addams’s signature black dress from the comics with a Peter Pan neckline is reimagined in polka-dot flowers.

Marvelous Morticia

image 11 41


Catherine Zeta Jones was a perfect choice to play Morticia. She perfectly embodies Morticia’s allure in her iconic black dress. In the past, Morticia’s gowns have been form-fitting and long-sleeved, with bell sleeves, a trailing hem, and trumpet sleeves, which give them a witchy feel. Zeta Jones’ rendition of Morticia‚Äôs dress in the show is enhanced by beaded details at the sides, adding a touch of sparkle.

Introducing Enid

image 12 1


This image captures perfectly the dynamic between her and her Nevermore Academy classmate. Enid, the werewolf who lives in Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy room, is the complete opposite of her. Enid is all about pink, rainbows, and anything ultra-girly, while Wednesday goes for all-black-everything.

Dark Academia

image 12 12


The dark academic aesthetic has been around for some time. The trend is likely to continue because of Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy outfit. Deconstructing the look can make it quite wearable. For example, if the preppy blazer, sweater and tie are your thing, you might consider swapping the skirt with jeans to make the outfit less costumey.

Wednesday Off-Duty

image 12 13


Wednesday’s gothic style is evident even when she appears “relaxed”. The black and white varsity coat subverts the iconic academic style. And that checkered sweater? What a great touch.

In Crowd

image 11 43


Bianca Barclay, the coolest girl at Nevermore Academy has a wardrobe that matches. Consider this grey cropped jacket. Sunday’s character paired the jacket with cropped tops and athletic pants, creating a relaxed, effortless vibe. What is the beauty of a bomber? Its versatility. Add a miniskirt, dress or knee-high boots for a more sophisticated look.

A Pop of Pink

image 12 14


Enid’s outfit from the Rave’n Dance was one of her funniest. The pink wig and go-go booties with matching white faux-fur dress are serving realness.

Siren Sequins

image 12 15


Bianca is another favorite from the Rave’n Dance. As a siren she stunned in ice blue paillette dress that resembled scales. Blue eyeshadow in the same shade was a major inspiration. The dress was rumored to be from ASOS and you can find a similar version here.

The Dress That Broke Internet

image 12 16


The scene that started a thousand TikToks is the last one. The most famous look in the series is the black sheer dress Thing “borrowed”, or rather, stole from an antique store for Wednesday. While the rest of the world opted for icy shades, it was Wednesday who wore all black. This is the ultimate goth prom.

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