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13 Outfit Ideas for Your Greek Adventure

You’re planning a summer vacation in Greece (or another glamorous European destination). I am jealous. You’ll also want to pack smartly. There is so much to do and see in Greece and the islands, that you will want to be ready for many activities. The temperature in Greece can vary greatly depending on the time of year you go (50deg F in the winter and up to 100deg F in the summer), so you should pack warm-weather outfits. Think about smart layers and practical footwear when you’re deciding how to dress to suit a range of temperatures. We’ve provided you with a variety of outfits to help you pack for your Greek vacation. Whether you plan to spend time at the beach, go shopping, visit all the historical sights, take a daytrip to an island or wander the cobblestones and buy a large bouquet of flowers to decorate your hotel room, we’ve got you covered.

Walking Around Your Neighborhood

image 12 2


You may want to explore the area around your Airbnb/hotel on your first day. This could include some shopping and dining. It’s easy to throw on a simple white outfit or dress for many different situations. You’ll look polished if you add a cute bag, like this one that’s big enough to hold your phone and credit card.

Heading to the Parthenon

image 11 33


This outfit has a lot of things I like. 1) Good walking shoes! 2) A large boat bag to carry water, snacks and your wallet. 3) Shorts! We love ’em! 4) A top that is light and airy (you can layer it with a tube top or bra). If the weather is hot, you can skip the flounce in favor of a tank.

A Trip to Santorini

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You can visit an island for a day to enjoy the social scene, to see landmarks or to shop and eat. Or you can do all of these things! Choose something comfortable and easy to wear. You can look chic in a bright dress without putting much effort into it. Accessorize the dress with flip-flops and a bag. You will be prepared for anything you do that day. The dress is nice enough to wear for a dinner but casual enough to take on a hike in the sun.

Heading to the Beach

image 11 34


You’re going swimming, so get out your brightest bikini! You only need a coverup (aside from your swimwear) and slip-on sandals. The stripes make this cover-up look like PJs. It’s also light enough to keep you cool even under the midday sun.

Want to look like a professional? Match your pedicure with your swimsuit to make a big impact.

Dinner and drinks after the beach

image 12 4


This dress is not appropriate for a formal restaurant. However, it’s perfect if you want to throw something over your suit while going out to eat. You will feel more covered and look cool. Sandals are a great alternative to chunky shoes.

Visit Museums All Day

image 11


Let’s get this out of the womb: Choose fashion sneakers over heels. This layering outfit can be worn when the weather is changing (AC in, heat outside), and you may need to adjust your layers. Wear longer shorts to keep your legs warm, or wear the sweater over your shoulder instead of around your waist.

Going To Thessaloniki

image 12 5


Hello, serotonin dressing! Thessaloniki is a city with a vibrant nightlife, great restaurants, interesting sites to see, and beaches nearby. You’ll need to be prepared for everything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be timid. Choose a cool print in a chic fabric (such as a light satin) and make the day.

Visiting a Historic Site

image 11 35


The standard caveat is: If you plan to do a lot walking, wear sneakers instead of flip-flops (trust us; they’re your friends). It may seem like a natural choice to wear shorts and a T-shirt, but a loose, transparent shirt dress is a great alternative. If you need to bring essentials, such as sunscreen, pack a larger bag. Then swap it for the smaller one when you get back to the hotel.

Taking a Yacht Trip

image 12 6


You can choose a more skin-baring look for smaller boat trips, where you may be zipping around the water or relaxing on it. Crochet may feel heavy in warm weather, but if you wear a lightweight knit crop top with a skirt over a swimsuit, it will feel lighter. This is the perfect time to try something new, even if you’re not a fan of color.

Visiting a Winery

image 12 7


Are you planning to taste some local wines? Wear this crop top with matching pants to feel stylish and fun. It would be great for any food or beverage tour. If you are walking on grass, opt for flats. It’s a nice touch to have a bag that contrasts with the rest of your outfit. You can still fit a small bottle of water in it if needed.

A Day of Window Shopping

image 12 8


If you want to do some semi-aimless, leisurely walking (preferably while holding ice cream and shopping bags), choose something fun but comfortable. Choose sandals or sneakers instead of chunky flats. Remember to reapply sunscreen on your back, and I can’t stress that enough. Here’s no sun-burned shoulders!

A Cruise

image 12 9


You’ll need layers if you are going on a larger boat that has dedicated stops. You may be on the boat, the deck, the shore and anywhere in between. You can easily remove this cropped white jacket to reveal your patterned top. The fabric is breathable and protects you from the weather without making you sweaty.

Staying out all night

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Why not? When you’re getting dressed for a night on the town, opt for an elevated version of your everyday pieces. For example, this black crop-top and black semi sheer skirt. Add some chunky jewelry and a cool bag. Choose a stylish (yet comfortable) shoe to dance in. If this is your last night on vacation, and you don’t plan to get back to the hotel before late at night, then bonus points!

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