Stand Out with 25 Dazzling Glitter Ombré Nail Art Options

Are you looking for an easy way to improve your manicure? Opt for a glitter ombre nail design.

Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood and nail artist, says: “Glitter-ombre manicures are a great way for you to give your look a playful twist. It’s great for everyday glamour and special occasions. With so many glitter colors and base shades to choose from, glitter ombre nail designs are virtually limitless.

We’ve gathered 25 glitter ombre nails designs to prove it. Below, find your favorite.

Holographic Ombre Nail Glitters

image 14 1

@rachelsuenails / Instagram

Glitter is sparkly, but paired with a pale pink base it can appear neutral. Rachel Joseph, a nail artist from Nailing Hollywood, created this look by using Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer in Peacefully Me ($22) as the base color and Diamond Nail Lacquer (also $22) for the glitter. Hanna says that Dazzle Dry is an innovative formula of nail polish which applies and removes just like regular polish, but lasts more like gel. It also dries within five minutes after application.

Rainbow Ombre Glitter French Manicure

image 14 2

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Ombre glitter nail designs come in many different forms. You can see here how French tips with shimmering, color-shifting French tips can look. Holo Taco Rainbow Bundle is the color used in this picture.

Pink Ombre Glitter Nails Inspired by the ’90s

image 14 3

@disseynails/ Instagram

The chunky glitter in this bubblegum pink ombre nail design brings back memories of the 1990s. The polishes that were used to create this nail design have all been discontinued. You’ll need to show your manicurist the picture as inspiration.

Neon Skittle Ombre Glitter Nails

image 14 5

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

The glitter on this neon rainbow Skittle Glitter look is the same one used in the pink manicure. To achieve a similar effect, choose the colors you want and dab them with a sponge for an ombre look. Finish each nail with a glitter polish that looks like confetti, and extend it half way down the nail. Finish with topcoat.

3D Glitter Ombre Nails

image 14 6

@callmemazz / Instagram

These aren’t just your typical 3D nails. Hanna says, “This manicure fuses glitter ombre with crystal healing.” “Labradorite is for psychic intuition, Citrine for manifestation and clarity, Pyrite for abundance, Moonstone for a new beginning, and clear quartz for clarity.” ORLY’s Builder in a Bottle ($55) was used to encapsulate the glitter and crystals.

Bedazzled Gold Glitter Ombre Nails

image 14 7

@madnails/ Instagram

Want to go even bolder with your nails? Add some gold gems to your gold glitter mani. This will give you a 3D mod appearance.

Balletcore Glitter Ombre Nails

image 14 8

@press_reset_nails / Instagram

In 2024, balletcore will continue to be a major fashion influence. So, a glitter-ombre manicure is a natural choice. The little bow detail is also a nice touch. The bow detail completed the look.

Cocoa Brown Glitter Ombre Nails

image 14 9

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This brown glitter ombre looks amazing with celestial stones as well as by itself. Cirque Colors ($15) Nail Polish in Space Cowboy, and Pony Up were used to create this manicure.

Charcoal Glitter Ombre Nails

image 14 10

@thehangedit/ Instagram

A sparkle nail design inspired by emojis is a great idea. Pair the star-like pattern with shimmer to take it up a level. Mooncat Nail Lacquer in Blame My Star Sign ($15) is used to create the charcoal glitter polish.

Champagne Ombre Glitter Cutout Cuticles

image 14 11

@lauradidmynails / Instagram

Cut out the cuticle to create a special ombre glitter effect. Orly Half Moon Guides (£7) can be used as stencils to create crisp lines.

Queen Nails with Gold Confetti Encapsulated

image 14 12

@madnails/ Instagram

Morgan A. Dixon, a nail Hollywood artist, created this glittery encapsulated ‘Queen” manicure with an acrylic overlay. A similar manicure can be achieved at a local nail salon.

Neon Ombre Glitter Cuticles

image 14 13

@press_reset_nails / Instagram

There are also brightly colored glitter polishes available. Look at this peachy pink confetti nail look. Fun, no?

Gold Star Glitter Ombre Nails

image 14 14

@lauradidmynails / Instagram

You don’t have to use only one type of glitter to create your sparkly ombre nails. Hanna says that mixing and matching different shapes of glitter in the same color creates a fun, chic vibe.

Gold Glitter Ombre Neutral Nails

image 14 15

@disseynails/ Instagram

This is a great example of how glitter ombre nails can be neutral or glam, whatever you like. Start with a pinky nude base, and then add a gold glitter polish on top.

Orange Ombre Glitter Nails

image 14 16

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

A spicy ombre nail design is created with red and orange glitter nail polish. Grab bottles of Cirque Colours Nail polish ($11) in Pele and Bird of Paradise to DIY this look.

Magenta Ombre Glitter Nails

image 14 17

@disseynails/ Instagram

Magenta is a great choice for a glittery ombre nail look. This one is gorgeous with its French tips and Aura accents.

Pink Ombre Glitter Nails

image 14 21

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This pink and turquoise glitter ombre manicure would be perfect for a gender reveal. Use holographic polishes such as the Holo Disco Dust ($13), and Crystal Skies ($14) to create a similar effect.

Pink Confetti Ombre Glitter Nails

image 14 22

@madnails/ Instagram

While we love the ultra-fine glitters, chunky ombre shimmer nail looks can be just as fun. The Ella + Mila Starbright Polish is $7 and can be used to achieve the same look. (P.S. LaTara Haye, a nail artist from Hollywood who specializes in glitter polish, says that if you cannot find the perfect glitter polish for you, you should get creative. She says that some artists like to make custom glitters by using glitters purchased at places such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Custom glitters can also save you money on nail products. This is an excellent option for DIY!”

Purple Ombre Glitter Nails

image 14 20

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This subtle color shift is reminiscent of spring and wisteria. Use the Death Valley Nails Nail Polish shades West Texas Peyote (16) and Stained Glass to recreate this look.

Sunset Ombre Glitter Nails

image 14 19

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

Consider an ombre glitter look to mimic both sunrises and sunsets. You will need shimmery mustard and peach nail polish, a sponge and topcoat. Use a sponge to apply the colors for an ombre effect. Clean it up with a brush and then finish with topcoat.

Turquoise Ombre Glitter Nails

image 12 44

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

You are not sure which ombre glitter manicure you want? Try a different design on each nail.

Ombre Glitter

image 14 23

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

This shimmery tie dye manicure is stunning. The Cirque Colors Collection California Dreamin’ would be perfect if it still existed. If you bring this to a local nail salon they will likely have the colors to create a similar look.

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