Illuminate Your Style with 25 Bold Neon Nail Design Statements

What is your next nail design? Why not try neons instead of pastels? We know that neons are usually reserved for the summer, but we want to remind you to wear them whenever you like.

Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood and manicurist, says: “Neons make a great choice for anyone who wants a vibrant, bold manicure that is sure to standout.” It doesn’t matter how you use them. You can be sure that your manicure will stand out, whether you choose to go for a simple solid neon look or a more complex design with neon accents.

We’re here to assist if you’re having trouble. Ahead, find over two dozen statement-making neon nail designs.

Abstract Black & Yellow Swirl Nails

image 12 39

Sonia Sanchez

Jet black and highlighter yellow create a striking color combination. Sonia Sanchez is an Apres Nail brand Ambassador who created this look with the shade Hi Lite from the Apres French Manicure Gel Neon Ombre set ($50).

Neon Skittle Dot Nails

image 12 30

@thehangedit/ Instagram

The colors of neon nails are fun and vibrant, regardless of the length. See how short neon nails look. This particular mani is easy to DIY. Hanna says to grab your favorite neon nail polishes, a toothpick or Q-tip, and create neon dots with them.

Celestial French tips

image 14 24

Sonia Sanchez

Celestial designs are perfect for a summery, sunny nail look. Sanchez designed this design with French tips, interstellar beads, and a linerbrush to create French tips. She used the Apres Aer gel machine ($99) and interstellar charms. She used Apres gel Couleur ($15), in the colors Luna Luna and Cloud Nine.

Neon Two Tone French

image 12 40

@thehangedit/ Instagram

This asymmetrical two-tone French manicure is stunning. Nail artist Hang Nguyen used Nails.Inc Nail Polish shades Knightrider’s Street, and Wellness in Wimbledon. She has a very steady hand, and she was able create the extended color shift with just a nail brush. However, you may want to consider using the Orly Half Moon Guides to create crisp lines.

Jelly Coral Floral Nails

image 14 25

Sonia Sanchez

The neons appear more subtle with the jelly color. Sanchez created this jelly coral flower manicure using Apres Gel Couleur (15) in the shade Bubblegum Glo and Cloud Nine.

Neon Coral Aura Nails

image 14 26


Chillhouse Mood Ring Chill Tips are a great way to achieve a neon nail look. They’re only $16. The set includes 24 nails, a dual sided file and buff, and glue. Although, we’re sure you will agree that brush-on nail glues like Olive & June Brush On Nail Glue $7 are much more effective for applying press-ons.

Electric Lemon Chrome Nails

image 12 36

Sonia Sanchez

Chrome topper is a great way to take neon nails to the next level. Sanchez used Apres Hi-Lite again for this look but added white chrome powder to the top.

Neon Mismatch Nails

image 14 27

@thehangedit/ Instagram

Why limit yourself to one nail design? You can have fun with mismatched nails. Hanna suggests adding nail art to neon nails. You can create this Hang Nguyen look at home using a nail art tool and a dotting or toothpick. (Or, you can show this photo to your nail technician to see what they want.

Lime chrome nails

image 14 28

Sonia Sanchez

Chrome neons are a great idea! Sanchez created this glazed manicure using Apres Gel Colour in Lime Pop, topped with chrome powder.

Neon Strawberry Nails

image 12 32

@thehangedit/ Instagram

What a cute pink strawberry manicure! You don’t have to be a nail artist to create this manicure. Just use strawberry nail stickers, like the Jmeowio summer fruit nail sticker decals ($6).

Lime Slime Nails

image 14 29

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

Laura Malarkey, Nailing Hollywood artist, says: “Nothing evokes the excitement and freedom that summer brings like an electric pop at your fingertips.” The nail polish used is Cirque Colors ($13) C.R.E.A.M.

Neon Polka Dot Nails

image 12 31

@thehangedit/ Instagram

It’s easy to create a neon polka-dot manicure. The Lights Lacquer Dotting Kit ($13) allows you to create dots of various sizes, or select one tool to create uniform spots.

Mix and Match Neon Nail Designs

image 12 34

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

The neon colors in this mismatched manicure make it look picture-perfect. Cirque Colors ($13) Nail Polish in the colors Renegade Electric Daisy and Kushy were used to create this mani.

Pink Rhinestone Nails

image 14 30

Sonia Sanchez

This matte manicure is a great alternative to the glossy neon nail designs that are so popular. Rhinestones add a nice touch, especially when they are included in the mix. Sanchez created this look with Apres Gel Colour in the shade Electric Flamingo.

Neon Skittle Nails

image 14 31

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

It’s easy to make rainbow Skittle nails at home. Paint each nail a different neon shade and your hands are ready for photos.

Neon Jelly French Tips

image 14 32

Sonia Sanchez

These diagonal French tips with neon window are a dream. Sanchez created them with Apres Color Extend gel ($23) shade Insatiable, and Gel Couleur in Acid Lime.

Neon Squiggle Halfsies Nails

image 14 33

@thehangedit/ Instagram

Nguyen came up with this colorful halfsie nail design using a squiggle-like color block. Choose two colors, at least one being neon for each nail.

Neon Lime Swirl Nails

image 12 38

Sonia Sanchez

Sanchez created these beautiful neon lime swirls using a thin brush. The lime green color she chose is Lime Sour from the Apres French Manicure Gel Neon Ombre set.

Neon Stripe Nails

image 12 33

@thehangedit/ Instagram

Hanna, who was referring to Nguyen’s neon stripe nails, says that neon pink and orange go well together. Use nail striping tape, such as the FANDAMEI Nail Striping Tape in 32 Colors ($6) to recreate the neat lines.

Matte Neon Snake Skin Nails

image 14 35

@lauradidmynails / Instagram

This matte neon nail design caught our attention. Malarkey used a pastel neon yellow polish with lime green accents to create this look.

Neon Zebra Nails

image 14 36

@thehangedit/ Instagram

This neon zebra manicure is a must-have if you are a fan of zebra print. The dual-finish manicure is a bit difficult to replicate, so it’s best to make an appointment with a nail technician to create this masterpiece.

Pastel Neon Skittle Nails

image 14 37

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Hanna advises: “If you want something bright and eye-catching, but also a bit more subtle, choose pastel neons.” “Nails.Inc offers a four-piece pastel neon kit called Neon Lite for just $22.” Nails.Inc has also a four-piece neon kit with a brighter color called Naked In Neon (22 dollars) for those who want a more bold look.

Two Tone Neon Rainbow Nails

image 14 38

@thehangedit/ Instagram

These two-tone neon nails are stunning! Use the Orly Half Moon Guides to cut off your tips.

Graphic Two Tone Pink Nails

image 12 35

Sonia Sanchez

Sanchez created this Barbie inspired neon nail look by combining Apres Gel Couleur Electric Flamingo with Tulipmania, a shade from the French Manicure Gel Holland Ombre set ($50).

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