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15 Practical Yet Stylish Outfits for Rainy Days

The sartorial elegance of rainy day attire is not usually a thing that’s lauded. When rain is in the forecast, we will all do anything to protect ourselves from the weather. Even if it means sacrificing style. This doesn’t have to be true. We believe that while some celebrities don’t dress for rainy days, you should consider whether your outfit is appropriate. This will save on comfort and prevent your footwear from getting wet (note: leather boots shouldn’t be wet). With the right tips, you can find an outfit for rainy days that is not only stylish but also practical.

When the rain starts to fall, you may reach for a quality raincoat or rain boots. But they are not your only option. Fabric and color are important factors to consider when deciding on an outfit. You can keep dry by choosing natural fibers and water-resistant fabrics.

Darker shades are preferred to lighter ones, as they tend to hold up better when they get wet. Don’t be scared to wear a bold, bright color. It can lift your mood on gloomy days.

Continue scrolling to see our favorite outfits for rainy days, as well as styling tips.

Keep It Classic

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You can dress up your favorite jeans for a rainy-day with a tee and ankle boots. You can wear them with your favorite ankle boots or, if you want to be more daring, a denim shirt.

Discover New Layering Options

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Wear a non-bulky, thin hoodie under your maxi dress if the weather drops. You can then complete the look by adding a pair sneakers to add a fun and unexpected touch.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up

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When we think of shorts, our minds automatically picture them with sandals or sneakers. Combat boots can be a stylish alternative to sneakers and protect your feet if you happen to step into puddles.

Try color blocking

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The best way to brighten up a gloomy morning is with easy, colorful pieces. Try out color combinations with the brightest items in your wardrobe. Neutral shoes can provide balance.

Wear a Maxi Dress

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The staple maxi dress will work on days that are neither too hot nor cold with a pair of boots or a long jacket. Add some minimalist jewelry for a little extra glam.

Get Sweaty

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With the help of a structured shirt, a blazer and zip-up shoes, you can elevate the coziest of pants. You can swap your sweats out for soft pants like leggings or parachute pants.

Think Outside the Box

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If wearing cropped pants isn’t possible, you can embrace the early 2000s by styling a dress over them. You can also wear leggings or tights, if that’s more your style.

Remember Your Rain Boots

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Invest in a pair of sleek, short black rain boots. They can be worn as regular booties when the sun is out. Combine black trousers with a white shirt and an overcoat to create an outfit that is perfect for the office.

Add a casual twist to your outfit

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No love for boots? Instead, opt for a pair or sneakers. They’re easy to clean and will give your outfit an effortless vibe.

Add A Hat

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A hat, whether it’s a bucket hat, cap or beret will enhance your look and protect your hair. Hats are not for everyone. Worried about hat hair or don’t wear hats? Consider wearing a headscarf.

Grab for Loose Pants

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If you’re planning to relax all day, wearing something constricting and form-fitting could be a mistake. You’ll look stylish and on-trend in a pair of baggy cargo pants that are perfect for wearing with a tank top or cardigan. If you do get wet, the pants will dry faster than jeans.

Wear a Blazer

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The blazer will instantly elevate any outfit, while adding warmth and ensuring that you look stylish. Belt your waist if you think your outfit is lacking something.

Try matching-matching

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Add a matching set to the closet if you feel lazy and unmotivated on rainy or gloomy days. This will make getting dressed in the morning easier, as your outfit (minus shoes) is already prepared for you.

Keep it Simple

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If you’re in doubt, opt for a black short dress and your trusty black booties. You can easily dress it up with tights, a scarf, or layered necklaces.

Be Transparent

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Your personal style will determine the best outfit for a rainy day. Transparent raincoats can be used as both a lightweight layer to protect from inclement weather and heavy winds.

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