Y2K Celebrity Trends We’re Wearing Now

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Imagine a white cropped tank top with cargo pants and platform flip-flops. This outfit could be worn in 2003, or right now. Fashion trends from Y2K are still (surprisingly!) popular. Y2K fashion trends are still (surprisingly) popular. Every time we think, “Oh, please, no! Let’s stop right now,” another old-fashioned style trick is being revived.

Since the Y2K comeback, we’ve grown to love it (millennials can now wear outfits from the 00s that they didn’t appreciate when they were younger). If we are going to wear items like corset tops or duster coats, which remind us of The Matrix – we will do it correctly. This means researching actual Y2K fashions, as in what celebrities wore between 1999 and 2003.

Whether you’re looking for a Destiny’s Child level of sexiness or something cool and casual, like Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft era in the ’90s, we’ve got some Y2K style inspiration from the stars who defined the decade.

Jennifer Lopez Cargo Pants

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This bottom style is very baggy. Wear something cropped or tight to top it off, such as J.Lo’s graphic tee.

Jennifer Aniston’s suit

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You don’t need to be a star to rock this look. We love that the actress skipped a shirt in favor of a statement neckpiece.

Devon Aoki’s Sweater Dress

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Try this model-approved, timeless formula for cute winter outfits: A printed sweater dress styled with ankle-high boots and minimal accessory.

Destiny’s Child’s floral outfits

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It’s hard to choose between Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland. We’d wear each piece.

Angelina Jolie Leather Pants

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Just like Jolie, you can make faux leather pants a statement by pairing them with a solid t-shirt and matching boots.

Janet Jackson Maxi Skirt

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Jackson’s tip: If you are tired of wearing micro-minis and prefer a longer length, try a maxi. This bottom will work in cooler weather with a shirt and boots, but for summer a tank top and strappy shoes are the best option.

Aaliyah in Dress-over-Pants

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If you aren’t yet convinced by this Y2K style, try a sheer, long tunic over the top. This is similar to what Aaliyah wore at the premiere of Romeo Must Die. Swap the sequins for more basic styles to achieve a subtler look.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Halter Top

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Even shiny blue snakeskin pants will look good with a silky solid halter top.

Katie Holmes’ Jeans

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If you are still unsure of what shoes to pair with wide-leg jeans, Y2K outfits can be a great source of inspiration. These jeans were usually paired with sleek, black boots that had a small heel. This is what Holmes wore to the 2002 MTV Movie Awards.

Jessica Simpson Pink Dress

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The Y2K style for date night is a sweet tank dress with matching heels. Carry a duster or cardigan in case of cold weather.

Kaley’s Brown Outfit

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Recently, celebrities have switched from jeans to trousers. If you are still unsure of what to wear on top, opt for something in a complementary color. This will give these simple bottoms a stylish look.

Victoria Beckham’s Corset Dress

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Victoria Beckham wore this lace-up dress with a corset to a Y2K award show (specifically the 2003 MTV Movie Awards). Today, we would pair it up with a cardigan, boots, and a cute date night outfit.

Christina Aguilera Metallic Set

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Pre-made outfits (also known as matching sets) are a favorite of ours, and stylists also agree that metallics can be worn in a casual way today. The whole outfit looks like Megan Fox on a night-out, but you could make it more modern by adding a bright pink or blue.

Busy Phillips’ Tube Dress

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Who loves the combination of a long skirt with boots? Top style icons of today. We would copy Philipps fashion formula head-to-toe, and yes that includes the tubetop.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Casual Outfits

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This outfit is a fun and fresh everyday look.

Sandra Bullock’s Black Dress

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The black dress is no longer a fashion trend from Y2K, but it’s definitely getting a fresh look. We’ll keep Bullock’s outfit in mind as we think of new ways to wear an LBD. The fringe on the bottom is also a detail that has been resurrected.

Brittany Murphy Pleated Skirt

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The archives are full of inspiration for outfits. Murphy’s pleated skit, worn with a bomber and knee-high booties for the 2003 Cadillac Super Bowl Grand Prix.

Christina Milian in Denim-on-Denim

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We love wearing denim on denim, but for something more sexy than an oversized jacket with flares, try Milian’s combination of corsets and miniskirts. It’s strange, but it has pieces that are similar to what we have purchased on Revolve.

Lucy Liu’s Leather Duster Jacket

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Hailey Bieber, for example, is a fan of long duster coats with oversized sleeves. We’d probably skip the scarf but otherwise, Liu’s style would be right at home on today’s top fashion models.

Britney’s Tracksuit

image 14 71

Velour tracksuits were one of the most recognizable fashions from Y2K, so it was no surprise that SKIMS ALO and Aerie started selling them again. The relaxed (yet strangely elevated) style is now worn by many celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Adam DiMarco of The White Lotus.

Halle Berry Red Dress

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Celebrities love this shade. From Doja Cat’s Swarovski Crystals look to Margot Robbie’s Valentino dress and Priyanka’s British Vogue Cover, we know Berry’s ruched burgundy dress from the Gothika premier would be perfect.

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