How to Pair Jeans with Cowboy Boots for a Stylish Look

If Queen Bee wears it, it must be good. The combination of denim jeans and boots is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Since over a hundred years, the classic cowboy outfit has been a mainstay of American fashion. Liz Teich, a fashion stylist in New York City, says that this is not a new concept, as cowboy boots have been a staple of American fashion for many years. This trend seems to return year after year. Beyonce recently wore Texas-inspired boots (as seen in Louis Vuitton men’s fall collection) but unlike what designers did a few seasons ago, the style of these boots will be what makes them feel new.

Blazer inspired by Menswear

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Add a woven caramel hobo bag to a pair of jeans and a tee for a stylish upgrade. Wear teeny black sunnies and black patent cowboy boots to add a cool girl polish. Teich believes this look is wearable. “This is how I personally wear them (especially since I’m from New York) because it looks authentic.” These boots are a great alternative to the old-fashioned booties that look tired and frumpy when worn with this silhouette.

Dress it up

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Teich is a fan of a look which works well but also pays homage to Western classic fashion. The ladylike bag and turtleneck add an unexpected twist to the look that’s refreshing and modern, but not like a costume.

Ladylike layers

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Do you want to look like Princess Di? We want to look like Princess Di. Teich says: “This look is very reminiscent to Lady Di, mixing classic prep with cowboy boots. This season, we’ll see a lot more mixing of genres/styles. This is an example that works well because a riding boot feels expected.

Lighten things up

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The look below proves that black and brown go together! You don’t have to remove your boots just because the weather has gotten warmer. The cognac boot gives a simple look of shorts and t-shirt a warm and rich feel. Teich admits that the idea isn’t new, but adds, “What makes it fresh is the unexpected color mix, the bag, and the bigger, less festival-like bag.”

Rock Your Best Western

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Have a faux fur coat you’ve been meaning to wear? With your wide-leg, light-wash jeans and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, you can create a stylish look for brunch and beyond. Teich says: “This looks great because it is a page from that era but feels like a look I’d wear today.” The orange-toned boots and hat are sandwiched together in a way that really draws your attention to the entire look.

Playing with Animal Print

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Wearing more than one animal pattern at once is not subtle, but when you combine your trusted ankle-length denim with brown cowboy booties it works perfectly. This is a bold and polished look. Teich says that this styling is reminiscent of the French girl’s take on a cowboy boot. This spring animal prints will be everywhere, so adding a boots that is inspired by cowboy boots, instead of an actual cowboy shoe, will not feel over the top.

Canadian Tuxedo

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Denim on denim does not have to look like Britney or Justin. Teich says that denim on denim is a big trend this season. Matching sets are especially popular, so adding a pair of cowboy boots can make the look feel more current.

Pull out Skinny Jeans

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Pair your skinny jeans with an open plaid shirtdress layered over classic white poplin buttons-up. Teich notes that a bolo-tie might be too literal for others, but getting creative with layers has a “very Ralph Lauren Americana style from the fringed bag, belt and collared shirt to the jacket/plaiddress worn as a coat”. Match the colors of your shirtdress with your cowboy boots for a cohesive look.

Straight Leg High Waisted Jeans

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Jeans and cowboy boots clean up beautifully. Combine straight leg, high waisted dark wash denim and a black boot with all-black accessories to create a refined and fresh look for day or night. Teich says: “This is a classic look and the cowboy boots are not new, so this doesn’t shout an era. It’s the clean silhouettes, and wider leg jeans that make it look current.

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