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7 Celebrity Casual Looks for Inspiration

They’re like us, stars. Stars are just like us. They go to work in sweatpants, lounge in oversized outerwear and relax in designer jumpsuits. Even though celebrities aren’t like the rest of us, there is still plenty to learn from their casual attire. Celebrities are always ahead of the fashion curve, even when they wear yoga pants, thanks to stylists who know the newest trends as soon as they hit the runway.

You can easily elevate your favorite basics by channeling the casual ‘fit energy of celebrities, such as these five looks. It’s really so simple.

Preppy Athleisure

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Emily Ratajkowski’s preppy athleisure look, worn in the streets of NYC, is the perfect mix of structured and relaxed. Pair a neutral skirt, sneakers and baseball cap with brightly colored sneakers to channel your inner Upper East Sider.

A Denim Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits are still in style. Julianne Hough’s New York Fashion Week jumpsuit was the only piece of clothing to say so much with so little effort. If you want to channel Hough’s easy-going style and avoid looking too formal, choose a denim suit that has a wash.

Oversized Jackets

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Olivia Wilde proved to the world that she is a high-fashion icon while promoting Don’t Worry, Darling, yet she still maintains her casual looks. Her oversized denim coat adds vintage cool-girl vibes to her sports bra and leggings outfit. Do as Wilde and switch out your athleisure outerwear with something more casual the next time you head to the gym.

Socks & Slides

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The footwear is the key to this casual look. You may think that Hailey Bieber’s bomber jacket and shorts are the inspiration, but it’s not the case. You can give your “bike shorts with a hoodie and a crew sock” outfit a new look by pairing them with loafer-inspired slide shoes.

Add a Blazer

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Katie Holmes has a strong blazer style. A blazer can add a cool vibe to a slightly formal outfit, even if it’s not too bulky. It can also be used to elevate a basic outfit, such as wide-leg denim and a sweater.

Cropped Cowls

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You can still look like a celebrity even if you prefer to wear yoga pants. Jennifer Lopez did it recently. Choose a sweater with a neckline that is shaped and textured to add some volume. Cowl necks, like the one J.Lo was wearing, are a good option as they keep a casual look from being too dressed-down.

Jeans and a Tee

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This classic combination is a favorite of celebrities for good reason. This combination is easy to wear in a hurry and you can add little touches to make it more interesting. Kelly Rowland, who attended a NASCAR race in LA, opted to add a stylish leather jacket to her graphic tee to make it more edgy. She then added a pendant to finish the look.

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