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12 Creative Ways to Style an Oversized Sweater

A sweater can be layered up to keep warm in cold weather or during transitional seasons, while looking stylish and well-put together. It’s even more true for the oversized sweater. Has there ever been an item better to wear to a relaxed dinner to feel cozy and eat as much as you like? Despite this, a larger, looser top can make you feel smothered. It’s important to find the right proportions if you want to avoid feeling like you’re wearing an oversized poncho. The perfect oversized outfit is a combination of casual and stylish, warm and well-put-together. The oversized cardigan, sweater, tunic or knit is actually surprisingly versatile. It’s likely you haven’t thought of the many ways to style an oversized sweater, knit, tunic or cardigan. You can layer it over your favorite work outfits and even wear it as a full dress.

Keep scrolling if you are still stumped or want to find new ways to wear your classic oversized knit sweater. Here are some creative ways to give your favorite wardrobe item a new twist.

A Simple Base Layer

image 20 184


This cable Ralph Lauren jumper would go well with many items in your wardrobe. This version is worn past the hips with a black skirt and accessories in black. It looks simple, but it has a touch of slouchiness. This could be paired with a long coat, blazer or jacket.

Tonal and Tucked in

image 20 185


The oversized sweater can be tucked in to create a more voluminous look, while also giving definition to the hips. Everything is still large but you can still tell what proportions are. Replace your normal top with an oversize option and wear your widest pair or jeans to experiment.

Outer layer

image 20 186


It’s not something you would think of, but a large sweater can be worn over your favorite dress to transform it into a skirt. Make sure that the knit is thick enough to hide the fabric beneath. You can tuck your sweater into a sports bra if you are wearing it over a dress. The elastic in the bra will prevent your sweater from moving!

Look Over Your Shoulders

image 20 187


The “using a knit as a scarf trend” is a popular one among fashionistas. The scarf can be styled by folding under the collar and throwing it over your shoulder. You can either tie the arms behind you or leave them open.

Layering Piece

image 20 188


This cardigan can be worn as an overlayer or underlayer. The leather bomber looks great paired with a large Oxford shirt. You can experiment with an oversized cardigan or sweater over an outfit that you like.

Tie around your Waist

image 20 189


As a teenager in the 1990s, it was common to tie a shirt or sweater around your waist. But the trend does not have to be juvenile. Choose pieces in complementary colors and your best oversized knit. The sweater will appear surprising, not sloppy.


image 20 190


The oversized sweater can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a long sweater that reaches below the hips (and is therefore a sweater-dress) is layered over a longer asymmetrical slip dress. The coat makes the outfit more cohesive.

All-Over Baggy

image 20 191


Contrary to what is commonly believed, a baggy shirt doesn’t always have to be worn with a fitted bottom. If you pair a slouchy top with a similarly slouchy bottom, it will make the piece look even more relaxed. The crossbody strap and pointed-toe shoes add a bit of structure.

In a Neutral Color

image 20 192


What about olive or camel? These more vibrant hues still look great with neutrals and similar colors, like the yellow in the bag. This is a bridge that connects neutrals to colors.

With Stripes

image 20 193


You don’t need to worry if you hesitated before buying an oversized Breton-striped sweater, thinking that the horizontal stripes would make a piece already wide look even wider. The v-neck will keep the sweater from looking too bulky. A matching mini will also add length and cohesion.

A Graphic Piece

image 20 194


A maximalist pattern can take an oversized sweater to the next level. The neutral maxi dress, which still compliments the pattern, helps to elongate your look and take the focus off the central design.

Long, long layers

image 20 195


You know, if you’re really going for it. The belt on the waist can give a dress structure, and the bag in the shape of a rectangle adds contrast. Keep all pieces the same color to create a flowing, seamless look.

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