10 Shoe Choices for a Timeless Black Dress from Casual to Chic

Acknowledge it: you have several black dresses in your wardrobe, all different. Each one is different, and each serves a purpose for a specific occasion. Some even do double duty by serving as daytime and evening dresses. You’re always faced with the question “What shoes will I wear?” when you put on one of your little black dresses.

There are plenty of stylish pairs that will enhance your favorite black dress. There are a variety of sandals and pumps to complement your black dress, whether you’re going out dancing or meeting up with friends for brunch. You’ll find a variety of styles to choose from, including classics such as ballet flats, ballet pumps, and loafers. For a more modern look, try mesh flats.


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You can bring back the wedge shoe style with a pair of black dresses if you don’t already have them in your collection. A wedge shoe gives you the same height and comfort as stilettos, but without the uncomfortable feeling. Opt for a sleek, architectural wedge with a pointed toe like Bottega Veneta when wearing a little black dress.

Knee High Boots

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Pairing your black minidress with a pair of knee high boots will give you legs that go on for miles. Do not be afraid to add some oomph to your black dress by adding boots with a leather-croc effect, or in dark chocolate brown. It’s no longer acceptable to keep black and brown apart. Pairing these colors together is so trendy.

Find a dark brown patent leather to elevate your look for a night out. You can also pair flat knee high boots with a black mid-length dress to create a stylish daytime look.

Strappy Sandals

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The strappy sandal and a lightweight, casual black dress are a classic spring combination. The warmer weather is the perfect time to show off your pedicure by wearing a heeled sandal with minimal straps and a long black dress. You can also easily transform your look for day or night by adding a leather jacket or blazer.

Open Toed Mules

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Open-toed mules combine style with comfort. They are even more comfortable if they have a thicker bottom. These versatile shoes are easy to slip on, and look great with a black tank dress or slip dress. Open-toed mules are a great way to make a black dress that’s a little more fancy feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Ballet Flats

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The trend of balletcore continues to be a popular one. Ballet flats were featured in many spring runway collections, and the trend is now firmly embedded into our wardrobe. The ballet flat is perfect for a simple black dress that can be worn during the day with a mid length hem. It will add a sweet touch to your look. Choose a pair of satin pink flats or a black leather flat to add some color to your outfit.

Classic Pumps

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A pointy-toed shoe is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s day or night. It goes with so many different styles of black dresses. Pumps are the best way to dress up a black gown. If you want a more classic look, consider a black heel with a patent finish. For those looking to take it up a level, try a pair of bright jewel-toned shoes for added personality.

Chunky Loafers

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These loafers are a perfect match for a midi-length dress, combining a platform heel with the comfort of a classic loafer. A fashion-forward shoe and a flowing dress create a contrast that is both timeless and modern. Wearing a textured or colorful sock under your chunky loafers will add visual interest.

Cowboy Boots

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Western fashion is a trend that we can’t ignore. Cowboy boots are a great shoe for dressing up or down black dresses, depending on their cut. Combine a prairie dress with puff sleeves and a traditional boot style. This will give you a casual look for the day. The 90s are brought back with a pair of sleek cowboy boots and a black babydoll.

Platform Flip Flops

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Platform flip-flops with a long, black dress are the perfect Y2K outfit. They’re both fashionable and casual. This look is reminiscent of the early 2000s, and it’s so easy to pull together. A black slip dress, or fitted knit dress, and an elevated flip-flop go together effortlessly. Grab your mini-backpack and get ready to go.

Mesh Flats

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A mesh flat will give your favorite black dress an extra sartorial boost for those occasions that demand fashion with a capital “F”. When you don’t want to wear heels, take a cue from The Row or Alaia and opt for a modern flat. This trend will continue to be popular as more brands release their own versions.

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