Elevate Your Wardrobe: 11 Stylish Yet Comfy Parachute Pants Looks

Parachute pants are a hybrid between cargos and track pants. They have the relaxed fit and volume of baggy pants, but the lightweight and sheen of swishy pants. You might think that parachute pants are only suitable for ultra-casual outfits due to their streetwear style and roominess. However, as these 11 looks prove, they are far from basic.

The lightweight, swishy fabric that they were made of is believed to be the reason for their name. In the ’80s these wide-leg bottoms became a breakdancer’s signature look and were popularized by music icons such as MC Hammer. In the 2000s, low-rise versions were worn by pop stars. While less popular, they are still a staple of street style.

We’ve put together 11 outfits that range from the luxe to the laid-back, and we’ve added some styling hacks and tips so you can fly in your parachute pants.

Color Matching a Cropped Top

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When paired with a crop top, the signature lines of these pants remain undisturbed. However, opting for a knit or ribbed texture will create contrast — a must-have when wearing a single shade. The signature lines of the pants are not disturbed when paired with a crop-top. A knitted or ribbed fabric will add contrast, which is essential for wearing a single shade.

Business Casual

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The wide-leg style of parachute trousers makes them easy to pair with separates in business casual. Add a blazer or tank top to this parachute pants ensemble that combines fashion genres.

Add Sleeveless Sweater

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Wear a luxurious sleeveless top or vest to add sophistication to your parachute pants. Choose chunky sneakers or boots with lug-soles to create a seamless line from the waist downwards and try a half-tuck.

Combining a bra and blazer

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The rich history of streetwear makes parachute pants ideal for creating trendy outfits that mix bold and daring season separates. Wearing a bra or bralette with a boxy jacket creates an eye-catching silhouette.

Wear Rosettes

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We recommend that you keep the blazer in the outfit above, but replace the bra with a ruffly, rosette crop-top. Sleek sandals add a luxurious feel, while trendy sneakers give off an edgy and casual vibe.

Chic with Khaki

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Parachute pants are more casual due to the nylon or nylon-like fabric and their athletic origins. But that doesn’t stop you from creating a luxe outfit with these pants. Look for a pair in khaki to create a chic look for date night or a special event. Khaki is a color that’s known for its business-like energy.

Mix Metallics

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You can also opt for metallic nylon or satin to get the same casual shine. Metallics are on-trend and will enhance the volume and shape in your bottoms. This is especially true when you pair them with metallic jewelry, coordinated outerwear and boots or shoes that have a matte texture.

Add a Collared Shirt

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It is a great idea to pair parachute trousers with a structured top. The structure of the pants makes them stand out. When taking this approach, we love the look a collared shirts in a soft, supple fabric such as chiffon and silk.

You can also create cohesion with a button down in the same fabric as your pants.

Color Block

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Keep your color palette to just two colors: a saturated tone for the pants, and a neutral shade for the top and accessories. This approach to styling will help you score major points in terms of overall outfit cohesion, while still creating a bold but understated look.

Tailored Separates

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Parachute pants do not have to swallow your entire outfit or you. Close-fitting blazers will not only add a sleek look to your parachute pant outfit, but also give it an intentional air. A long-lined blazer can evoke the look of a dropped waist while a shorter style creates an hourglass shape.

Replace your work pants

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Wearing parachute pants in place of work pants is a great way to incorporate them into your wardrobe without having to sacrifice or deviate too much from your style. It may seem counterintuitive, but the result will be an OOTD that is unique and yours.

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