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What Underwear Goes Well with See-Through Garments

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing sheer clothing, even if they’re up for an adventurous fashion moment with Dua Lipa style cutouts and high slits. We live in an era when revealing clothing isn’t always risque. It can be playful and fun, while still promoting confidence. Knowing what to wear underneath sheer clothing can make the pieces appear more subtle.

As internationally-acclaimed celebrity stylist Danyul Brown says, with the right undergarments and base layers, sheer clothing can have a place in any wardrobe — even ones that lean more towards the modest side. Brown, who has as clients Paris Jackson, John Legend Bebe Rexha Lottie Moss and Joe Jonas among others, says that what you wear underneath sheer clothing depends on two factors: the occasion and the sheer clothing style you choose for the event.

Here’s a guide for those who are hesitant to wear sheer fabrics.

What to wear under sheer tops

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Fitted tanks and lingerie are usually the best options for a see through shirt. Brown told InStyle that the base garment (under sheer tops) really depends on the look we’re going for, and if the top is detailed. Brown says to stick with basic undergarments, such as nude bras and tank tops, if the top has a lot of detail. This will allow the embellishment, like bows, sequins, or fringes, to have their moment. If the top is sheer and has no details, I use a colorful undergarment to add excitement.

What to wear under Sheer Bottoms

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Brown believes sophistication is the key to styling see-through pants. The stylists’ favourite underwear is high-waisted shorts, which ensures that both the stomach and the bottom are covered.

What to wear under sheer dresses

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What you wear under a sheer dress depends on the amount of coverage you desire. Brown says that a high waisted brief is the most common choice. This bottom will cover your lower half, while still allowing you to show a little skin. Brown recommends wearing a bodysuit that covers the mid-thigh area for more coverage.

If you are wondering what to wear on top, then a cami or bralette will also do.

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