12 Outfit Ideas for Stylists and Fashion Experts to Love

Outfits for summer should be both fun and practical. It could be as simple as pairing the Bermudas of your favorite celeb with a linen shirt, or slipping on a breezy dress. Summer dressing is easy when you mix classic wardrobe staples and new trends. You can still maintain your style by mixing these two styles. If you’re looking for some style inspiration or fashion advice for the summer months, we asked top stylists to share their favorite clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Daytime Sparkles

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Shea Daspin, a New York-based fashion designer, is all about the embellishments this summer. She said that daytime sparkles are at the top of her list. “Nothing says I’m still living! Daspin said that a daily celebration is to add sparkles wherever you can. “I like Laser Kitten and Doll Chunk Accessories. I also love Tarina Tarantino. I love clothing with rhinestones and sequins. Also, anything lame or hologrammed. Amy Lynn, Collina Stroda, LaQuan Smith, and others have upped the ante.”

Bring on the Beading

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Daspin, who is a fan of embellishment, said she would wear anything DIY, but especially if it included beading. Daspin said, “I love Susan Alexandra and Shop Sweet Bead.” From purses to clothing and home decor, anything bright, colorful and handmade with care is my favorite!

Slip-on Platform Heels

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The Y2K trend has been resurging in recent years. But according to celebrity style expert Cindy Conroy this summer, platform heels will be the hottest thing. Conroy says that platform heels are a great option for both tall and short girls. They instantly lengthen and tone your legs. “[Summer] has all been about the platform and I am so into it!” “I need it, because I am a small girl.”

Accessorize silk scarves

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Lindsey Dupuis, celebrity stylist and InStyle contributor, said she has been (im-)patiently awaiting the return of the silk scarf since her catholic high school days. She would wrap this accessory around a ponytail. Dupuis admitted that the look allowed her to express herself when dress codes were strict. Personalize them to suit you, whether they are woven into your braid, your ponytail, your purse or around your neck.

Choose Pastels

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You can choose pastels if brights don’t suit you. Havlik said that pastels like lavender, baby blue, pink and sage are perfect colors to incorporate into your summer wardrobe. Add your favorite gold jewellery to create a soft, elegant look.

Display Some Skin with a Crop Top

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Liz Teich, also known as the “New York Stylist”, is a stylist who loves crop tops. Teich told InStyle that crop tops can be worn by women of any age and body type if they are done correctly. With a high waisted pant or skirt it gives more shape and the sliver is the perfect amount to show without being too revealing. Low-waisted pants and skirts will also be popular if you are daring. “I’ve been recommending crop tops and matching sets to my clients this season for an elevated look.”

Get the Coastal Grandma Vibe

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Grace Thomas, founder of personal wardrobe styling company Builtgracefully and expert on the coastal grandmother trend, has it all figured out for summer. Thomas said, “Think Diane Keaton from Something’s Gotta Give.” This style is simple-chic, looks good on everyone and is made up of monochromatic, light neutral tones, linen fabrics and breezy pieces. This style is best embodied by ivory linen trousers with a white T-shirt or tank top, and an oversize white button down.

Try Regencycore

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Regencycore, thanks to Bridgerton’s return, is still a popular escapist style that fashionistas such as Thomas love. Thomas said that she was thinking of statement sleeves, dresses featuring feminine details, bows and corset tops. You can rock a dress with pearls, or add just a touch of this trend with a corset and Levi’s cutoff shorts.


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Want to add some style to your summer wardrobe? Kimberly Mayhew is the CEO of House of Colour. She says that clothing and accessories with texture, such as fringe, feathers and crochet, will work. Mayhew said that if you like a bold style, then embrace it in your party clothes. For a delicate appearance, choose a single hyper-textured accessory and balance the outfit with other structures.

Keep cool with Cutouts

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The daring cutouts are still going strong. Mayhew said that while back cutouts were popular last season, this summer we’ll see more subversive, sexy and asymmetrical cuts throughout the wardrobe. “Cutouts are eye-catching, so choose a cutout that suits your style.”

Make it a Mini

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The mini and micro-miniskirts trend has returned just in time for the summer. This season, the micro-mini is re-emerging in ’60s tailoring and upscale coords as well as bold prints on vacation wear. Mayhew said InStyle. Expect to see shorter lengths for formal, casual, and catwalk clothing, including business suits and dresses.

Wear All-White Everything

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Erica Ball, a professional stylist and creator of Erica Ball Style told InStyle that monochromatic looks were her summer go-to. She loves the vibrant colors of spring, but prefers to wear white from head-to-toe for summer. It’s an easy, chic way to instantly elevate your look, particularly in the summer.

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