Transform Your Look with These 9 Old Money-Inspired Outfits

Dressing like old money, popularized by Sofia Richie Grainge and other style queens, such as Blair Waldorf and Meredith Blake in real life and fiction, is about embodying the lax confidence of the rich and famous. It’s important to take a “less-is-more” approach.

To achieve an exclusive look, choose chic silhouettes in premium fabrics. If you want to add a splash of color, choose a neutral palette. Stick to subtle branding, with the exception of heritage labels such as Chanel, YSL and Ralph Lauren. Accessorize with dainty jewelry and classic shoes like penny loafers or kitten heels, as well as handbags that are simple and classic.

Discover all the inspiration for outfits you can use to create the look that you want, no matter what your budget is.

A Classic Trench Coat

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A trench coat adds a sense of authority to any outfit. It’s easy to cosplay a duchess, oil baron or heiress. Pair your outerwear, like this blonde billionaire, with a matching bag and ballet flats.

Relaxed Button-Down and Slacks

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The quintessential uniform of old money is an oversized button with relaxed trousers. It balances refinement and effortless elegance, which only the eternally wealthy can master. Opt for an expensive handbag to balance out the casual outfit.

A Tweed Skirt Set

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A matching tweed suit is the epitome of old money. This Chanel-inspired ensemble exudes sophistication and class. Complete the look with a dark-colored sunglasses and a pearl pendant.

A Cashmere Sweater

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Cashmere is a classic example of an old-money aesthetic that values high-quality fabrics. To elevate an essential item, pair a super-soft sweater up with minimalist jewelry such as a gold-toned watch or single-stranded necklace.

Layered Neutrals

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Neutrals also make a great choice. A simple tank top can be layered with a crisp, oxford-style shirt and a structured jacket to easily blend in with Succession’s cast.

Khaki and Stripes

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The rich and famous love to wear khaki with stripes.

A Blazer with Satin Skirt and Oversized Blazer

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Details can make or break an outfit. This oversized blazer with satin skirt is pushed into the higher tax bracket by pearls, tortoiseshell sunglasses, and strappy shoes.

A Maxi Dress with Off-the Shoulder Sleeves

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A simple and sleek maxi dress has understated elegance, which is another way to describe old money. A decolletage exposed keeps the dress from looking basic and classy.

A white A-line dress

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The Grace Monaco dress is perfect for a night out at The Century Club.

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