Wedding Planning 101: Gorgeous Bohemian Theme Ideas

Wedding planning is something most of us find thrilling yet nerve-wracking to do. Of course, your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment since you are going to share it with the love of your life, it is only natural that you want everything to be perfect. Well, first off, you might be thinking of a motif to go with. If you are a couple that embraces such carefree and nature-loving personality, we have a feeling that a Bohemian Wedding is the perfect theme for you!

If you are a nature lover, there’s nothing more magical than to have your wedding ceremony in a place where you can see the clear blue skies, enamoring flowers and enchanting trees. Such mesmerizing setup truly shows the wanderlust in you! If you think your Bohemian Theme Wedding is a huge go, then here are some gorgeous ideas you can take inspiration from.

#1 Choose an Enchanting Venue close to Nature

Source: Posh Bridal

Bohemian weddings are usually held in places that gives everybody a full glimpse of nature. Either you choose the riverside or the gardens, it will sure be a picturesque moment. Outdoor weddings like garden or beach weddings are best held during summer or spring. But just in case you do worry about the weather being quite unpredictable, why not consider rusted barn venues for your Bohemian Wedding?

#2 Decorate with Laces and Flowers

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Flowers make everything more beautiful and colorful. Begin with your fancy wedding arch by filling it up with flower rolls, spring bouquets and lace curtains. If you are feeling more creative, then why not add some tree branches to add more drama. Remember, whatever happens under the wedding arch will take a ton of space in your wedding album; make it worth all the photos!

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Apart from decorating your wedding arch, you can also add a swing or a vintage couple bench. Make every corner of the venue Instagram-worthy, not only for you and your partner but for your guests as well!

#3 Choose a Bohemian Wedding Gown that suits your Best

Source: Rue De Seine

Definitely, your wedding gown should be the perfect fit for you. It should make you feel good, make you feel wonderful! But then aside from this, you should also consider the environment and the venue. Would it be practical to wear a maxi dress or a long-sleeved dress? Bohemian weddings are usually held outdoors so try to take it into careful consideration. Thinking of what shoes to wear on your wedding day?

image 1113

Source: Zuhair Murad

We found this glorious Boho wedding dress that can definitely turn you into a forest goddess! This daring full-sleeved long dress is by Zuhair Murad. One of the best designers for bridal gowns! Plus size bride? No problem!

#4 Be the Ultimate Boho Chic with your Bohemian Hairstyle

Source: LongHaisrtyless

Thank god there’s the internet to give us tons and tons of ideas when it comes to hairstyles. Bohemian chic hairstyles, in all our honest opinion, are the best type of hairstyles out there. The beauty of it is that it looks effortlessly done and it doesn’t have to be perfect to look beautiful!

Source: Pinterest

Whether you go for an updo or downdo, they key is to take it easy with your hair and have fun! If your hair is too long and you would want something that looks neat, you can never go wrong with braids. It gives a very traditional feminine vibe and it lets you be creative by experimenting with different styles.

#5 Accessorize with Whimsical Headpieces

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The Boho chic style requires fancy accessories. Instead of going for a diamond necklace, opt for something more different – such as a headpieces encrusted with crystals or embellished with flowers. The classic Bohemian chic style is all about looking like an enchantress straight from a fairy tale and whimsical headpieces do the job!

Source: Pinterest

Flower crowns are also perfect to complete your Bohemian bridal look! You can either go for fancy roses or a spring floral mix of everything.

Source: Cosmopolitan

If you want to tone it down a bit and you kind of feel like a headpiece won’t work with your hairstyle, you can also settle for hair barrettes. We love this hair accessory that Blake Lively wore in one of her red carpet events! It looks so beautiful with her subtle fish braids.

#6 More Flowers and Vintage Pieces for your Table Setting

Source: Strictly Weddings

We can’t get enough of these flowers! Well, a Bohemian wedding won’t be complete without it. Plus, it makes everything picture-perfect, don’t you think? For your table setting, choose vintage utensils and candle holders.

#7 It’s not just about the Bride – Have your Guests be in their Bohemian Style Clothing too!

Source: Dreamers and Lovers

It will be some sort of a bummer if your guests don’t follow the Bohemian dress code. While you look stunning being the most beautiful Boho bride, it is only fitting to have your guests, particularly those who will join the entourage, to be in their Bohemian look as well!

#8 Prepare your Bohemian-style Wedding Invitations

Source: Weddbook

Of course, let’s not forget about the wedding invitations! One best ways to have your guests know about your theme is to state in your wedding invitations. If you are going for a Bohemian theme filled with magical forests and flowers, why not incorporate those in your wedding invitations. Don’t forget to include the dress code as well because it’s more fun if everyone’s going to dress up as Bohemian people!

#9 Have a Unique Wedding Cake

Source: Pinterest

Bohemian weddings are definitely unique and unconventional and since the plain white wedding cake is too mainstream, why not settle for something beautifully unique? We found this deliciously mesmerizing chocolate cake decorated with flowers and we knew it fits nothing better than a Bohemian wedding! It is so creative and it sure suits the whimsical forest-like venue!

#10 Vintage Rings for Your the Ultimate Bohemian Wedding

Source: Pinterest

Gleaming gold rings? Sparkling diamond-encrusted rings? Well, there’s nobody to stop you if you want to have those! But going vintage with your wedding rings will always remind you of your magical Bohemian wedding!

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