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Perfectly styled Two-Piece Winter Outfits for Office

While working in an office, we normally wear a slack or a shirt, some prefer trousers while some opt for leggings. These are the most recommended clothing staples for a casual business look. You have to be more careful while working in a corporation. Some offices declare a specific dress code. And all the employees are forced to follow that dress code for the office. But things can become hard if your office attire does not match your corporate identity. Seasons too, have a very significant role in stocking up your working wardrobe.

It is winter and trends in office wear are changing. Many of us don’t like to pile up too many winter pieces and wish to get a cozy look without compromising the style. There is a lot that you can put on to get a chic winter look. Sometimes, even two pieces of winter outfit are good enough to create a trendy office look. All that you need, is a little sense of styling to incorporate the best.

Some Basic Rules for Wearing Office Attire

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Before we carry on with the most stylish looks for winter office wear, there are a few points that you must keep in mind before your final hunt.

Type of Working Place

First of all, understand the type of place you are working. Does it have a friendly atmosphere that allows a casual business clothing or is it strict with business professional clothing? Choose accordingly!

Choose the Suitable Colors

Women working in a conservative corporate sector should opt for decent corporate tones like beiges, greys or black. Offices that allow casual business ensembles can pick vibrant and sassy colors (incorporate them carefully). Utilize them in a way, that it doesn’t give a cheap or flashy look.

Comfort Comes First!

Make sure, whatever you are going to wear does not irritate you. Too much fitting or a non-breathable fabric may affect your ability to perform. So, whatever you wear should promise ease and comfort.

Best 2 Piece Dress Ideas for Working Women

Style# 1: Chic and Sassy Business Look

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Trousers are the most traditional piece of an office attire. For getting a sassier look, add a pop of print with a plaid patterned trouser and a plain full-sleeved top or sweater. [If you are a plaid style, check the ultimate fashion guide to wear plaid.] Just like in the image below, the model is looking both fashionable and comfy. Limited jewelry, a satchel style handbag and black pumps, all is looking quite appropriate for an office wear. Why not try something like that?

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Style#2: Knitted Two-Piece Midi Dress

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A knee length dress is perfect for office attire. Both extremes (too long a too short dresses) should be avoided. Especially when it is winter season, a two-piece knitted mid-length dress is another great choice. Pair it with warming leggings and a nicely hued pair of pumps, and you are surely going to be in the spotlight. [Find out the most comfortable shoes to wear in the office.]

Source: LookCeleb

Style # 3: Pencil Skirt with a Stylish Top

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A pencil skirt is the most commonly observed outfit at various work places. Pair them with the most complementing leggings and comfy pumps. Like I already said, the colors should be neutral and easy on eyes. Girls who want a trendsetting style, can try a patterned pencil skirt with a simple top or a printed top with a plain skirt. Pairing them with a turtleneck can take you to an all new level of style. What the model is wearing in the image below, is quite suitable as an office wear. Addition of a leather belt on the waistline can glamorize the simple pairing of a top and a pencil skirt.

Source: Boden

Style # 4: A Plain Dress with a Long Cardigan

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Pair your favorite plain dress with a complementing long sweater. The style not only protects you against the spine chilling cold but also promises a solid sense of style.

Source: The Telegraph

Style# 5: Experiment with Different Textures

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Playing with different textures like suede, leather, or tweed can offer an all new look. Replace your regular pleated skirt [More look about pleated skirts, read here.]with a textured one or your regular top with a leather or suede top. The incorporation of different materials brings forth surprising outcomes. Unlike a pencil skirt, try these different textures with a flowy and flouncy-looking skirt.

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Style# 6: Wide Trousers

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Pair any of your winter top with wide trousers. Their cut and style makes it super easy to wear in a working place. Also wearing wide leg pants are one of the tricks to look slimmer. Read the full list of tricks to look slimmer in winter. The more you are covered, the better you would feel in the cold weather. Be wise while choosing the color. For office use, nudes and neutral shades are highly recommended.

Source: shadesofshit blog

Just look at the model below, she looks superb in that nude color trousers paired with a plain shirt and a long-heeled footwear. You too can opt for a stylish look like that. So, don’t forget to add these two pieces in your winter wardrobe for work.

Source: Song of Style

Style #7: Shirt dresses with Jacket


Yet another iconic style for office wear, pair your shirt dress with the most complementing jacket. The style is perfect to be worn on the wintery, cold days. A little bit of accessories and pumps with leggings are good enough to get a complete working look.

Source: FashionGum

Style# 8: Culottes with a Catchy Top

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Step out in style with neutrally hued culottes paired with a catchy top. As we are discussing the perfect pieces for office wear in winter, you better get it paired with a baggy or over-sized cardigan or sweater. Look at the image below, stylishly-stitched culottes paired with a baggy turtleneck is looking quite flattering. As it’s about office wear, the model has paired her outfit with stylish winter shoes.

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Styling for winter office wear could be as easy as you want. The most important thing is to keep in mind the weather and get dressed according to that. With a little bit of technique and styling skills, you can innovate an all new professional look. Give it a try this winter season, with all the inspirations given here.

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