The History Behind The Brand: Jimmy Choo

Today, Jimmy Choo is the leading luxury accessories brand with shoes as its primary products. The creative man behind one of the biggest fashion brand in the industry is the Asian fashion designer Jimmy Choo. This man is known for his amazing fashion sense which can be seen in all of his masterpieces—a sexy cut, stylish design and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship. All of his creations exude a sense of glamour mixed with a touch of playfulness and sexiness.

The Man Behind It All

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

Fashion designer and master shoemaker Jimmy Choo is the man behind the brand. He was born in Penang, Malaysia. Since his father is a cobbler too, he started in his shoemaking journey at a very young age, and he was able to make his first pair of shoe at the age of 11. Daring to dream big, he left his home country and headed to England where he studied and graduated with honors from the Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney. Equipped with the craftsmanship, he learned from his father and the design skills he achieved from his formal education; Jimmy Choo opened his first shop in 1986 in an old hospital building. In that shop, Jimmy handmade all the shoes and he only produces 20 pairs a week.

How it Rose To Fame

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo marked his name in the industry when his shoes were featured in an eight-page spread in the highly prestigious Vogue Magazine. Soon after that, many celebrities adored his shoes. The most prominent celebrity who fell in love with his creations is the late Princess Diana, who wears his shoes wherever she goes. But the highlight of his entire career was when he partnered with the former Vogue editor Tamara Yeardye Mellon to create a collection of ready-to-wear footwear. At that time, they decided that Jimmy Choo will not make all the shoes by himself, and they outsourced different Italian factories for the manufacturing process. They opened their first shop in London During the 90’s; they already have boutiques in New York and Los Angeles.

Jimmy Choo

Source: Celebrity Shoes

During the 20th century, the label Jimmy Choo has become a global and international brand. Their creations are now carried by high-end retail shops like Saks and Harrods. Aside from shoes, they are now also offering different collections of stylish and sophisticated handbags and accessories. However, Jimmy Choo and his partner Tamara Mellon have different goals and direction for the company. In 2001, Jimmy sold his 50% share in the company and he decided to concentrate on creating expensive handmade shoes under the Jimmy Choo Couture line.

Daring To Dream

Jimmy Choo may be one of the most famous fashion brands that we see today, but the designer certainly did not start that way. Just like many of us, the famous Asian artist also has his dreams, and he also struggled in achieving his goals. In fact, he has encountered many obstacles along the way but because of his passion for fashion, love for his craft and his undying motivation to achieve his dreams, he was able to make his fashion label one of the biggest and most coveted brands in the fashion industry.

So, do you have your dreams? What are you doing to get it? Will you be like Jimmy Choo who is motivated and dedicated enough to rise from all the challenges and make his dream a reality? If you are willing to give what it takes and run after your dreams, you might become a Jimmy Choo. Learn How to Pick the Right High Heels. Not interested in high heels? Please check out 10 Most Comfortable and Beautiful Flats Perfect For Any Occasions.

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