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Celebrity Style: 15 Best Bob and Lob Hairstyles

As today’s hippest hair trends embrace more and more diverse styles, choosing a hairstyle that would let you strut it can be a bit of a struggle. This year, it is either you go daring or play it safe with your hairstyle choices! Whether you want to go for long, voluptuous tresses or exciting short bobs; it is all about how you confidently walk with it.

If we are going to cover all the most fashionable hairstyles this year, it may take us a long while. Good thing we have published a number of blog posts already about 2016’s Best Hairstyles; so feel free to have a look at the links and browse through our hair-related articles! In this particular article, we are going to run through these gorgeous celebrity bobs and lobs that everyone can definitely flaunt. Oh yes, we do assure you that these hairstyles are universally flattering, making them quite stunning on every single one out there. If you feel like getting a new haircut or hairstyle to amplify your look, here are some of the best bobs and lobs you can steal from celebrities.

#1 Jessica Chastain Bob Hairstyles

image 874

Source: Design Trends

Jessica’s auburn locks totally rocked this lob hairstyle as she walks on the red carpet. The hairstyle is effortlessly styled in a way that it only required a triple-barrel iron to create those soft waves and hairspray to set! For additional dimension and for Jessica’s prominent facial features to be emphasized, she went for a side part with one side tucked behind the ear.

#2 Rachel McAdams Bob Hairstyles

image 873

Source: Women Hair Libs

This messy bob hairstyle gives a casual, 90s grunge vibe. Rachel McAdams totally pulled off this look with her short blonde hair curled into small, loose sections. Its wispy ends are the beauty of the entire look! No excessive styling needed, and this grungy hairstyle works on either newly-washed hair or 2-day old locks!

#3 Lea Seydoux Bob Hairstyles

image 868

Source: Women Haircuts and Hairstyles

Lea Seydoux epitomizes the classic bob with her elegant and chic French-inspired hairstyle. With no dramatic styling needed, Lea flaunts a center-parted blunt cut bob with extremely subtle waves on both sides. The side fringes featured a more prominent wave that gave depth to her angular face.

#4 Charlize Theron Bob Hairstyles

image 864

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

We have always loved Charlize’s short locks for it really brings out her strong features. This particular above-the –shoulder hairstyle elongates her neck and enhances her face shape. For this classic short bob, Charlize went for loose waves which can be achieved by curling the hair with 1” size barrel curling iron and brushing the ends with fingers. To prevent the face from being fully covered from the sides, Charlize tucked one side behind her ear, revealing her prominent jaw line and dainty earring.

#5 Jessica Alba Bob Hairstyles

image 863

Source: InStyle

Golden ombre seems to be a hairstyle made in heaven for Jessica Alba’s beautiful olive tan complexion. In this look, she definitely pulled off a collarbone-cut lob that falls into muted waves. The hairstyle featured a side part which created an asymmetrical fringe-like do, with the section being slightly curled outwards.

#6 Cameron Diaz Bob Hairstyles

image 862

Source: Us Weekly

Ever since 1998’s There’s Something About Mary, Cameron Diaz never seems to draw away from her famous blonde bob. In this look, Cameron sported an effortless “bed head” hairstyle that also features dimensional hues – from dark roots, hazel highlights and blonde base. The ends are tousled for additional texture and her side swept fringe made her facial features more prominent.

#7 January Jones Bob Hairstyles

image 871

Source: Pinterest

January Jones is looking exquisitely chic in her golden French Girl locks that spotlights casual waves flicked outwards. The key to this look is to create texture and volume onto the crown by slightly building the shape up using a blow dryer and setting it with a generous amount of hairspray. Her lob is slightly layered, making the ends look somewhat asymmetrical on the neck level.

#8 Naomi Watts Bob Hairstyles

image 875

Source: hair-style ca

Naomi’s classic vintage bob truly lives for its iconic elegance. It flaunted Naomi Watts’ satiny blonde locks with a voluminous blowout and subtle side swept fringe. The key to this elegantly classic vintage hairstyle is to create a poufy volume to the ends using a blow dryer and a roller brush.

#9 Jennifer Lawrence Bob Hairstyles

image 865

Source: Pinterest

Jennifer’s layered lob is a look which Elle Magazine calls “The Rachel”. The length of the lob grazes the collarbones with its slightly shaggy ends from its asymmetrical cut. Jennifer Lawrence had her waves voluminously flicked outwards while sporting subtle see-through bangs.

#10 Jennifer Aniston Bob Hairstyles

image 866

Source: Pinterest

Now here’s “The Rachel” from Rachel Green herself! Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends truly popularized this gorgeous layered lob that perfectly adds definition to a woman’s ideal facial features. This hairstyle needs no extreme and hassle styling for the cut itself creates a dimensional style to the look. If you have natural waves that you want to tame, just take a hair protecting spray and use a straightening iron to flatten it up.

#11 Marion Cotillard Bob Hairstyles

image 872

Source: Pinterest

Marion Cotillard flaunts a feminine short bob that perfectly defines her beautiful face and prominent facial features. The bob features perfect volume with its blunt ends slightly curled into muted waves for added texture.

#12 Drew Barrymore Bob Hairstyles

image 867

Source: New Hairstyle Cuts

This blunt cut bob the Drew Barrymore flaunted on the red carpet is the epitome of a chic bed head hairdo. The messy sections of the hair are carefully tousled to bring wispy ends and an unpredictable outcome. Such hairstyle works best on unwashed hair for it is rich in texture and superior volume.

#13 Reese Witherspoon Bob Hairstyles

image 876

Source: Marie Claire

This perfectly blow-dried bob had all strands fall neatly from the roots to ends. This hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal events for it takes only a short time to perfect and style. Just take a big round brush and blow dry your hair inwards for a round, volumized look.

#14 Margot Robbie Bob Hairstyles

image 870

Source: Pinterest

Dark brown roots and golden blonde waves – Margot Robbie is sizzling in this gorgeous lob all gathered on one side of her face. The smaller section of the hair is slicked and tucked in behind the ear which effectively gives way to showing her strong jaw line and earrings. The crown is set for added volume while the ends are curled into soft, tousled waves.

#15 Miranda Kerr Bob Hairstyles

image 869

Source: Pinterest

Last but not the least, Miranda Kerr showed us how a hairstyle can take us back to the glorious Hollywood glam in the 1920s to the 1930s! Her classic bob sported tight curls gently swept on one side for added texture. It also featured subtle highlights that made the look much fabulous!

Now that wraps up our list of the best bob and lob hairstyles that these stunning celebrities gorgeously pulled off! Whether you go for a bob or lob that requires dramatic styling or not, the key is to flaunt it with confidence! Do not be afraid to take on the adventure of changing your look and be inspired with these celebrities that rocked these hairdos. Which among these looks is your favorite?

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