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12 Ways to Wear White Button Down

Are you a proud owner of white button down blouses? Do you love wearing a white button down and consider it your most favorite piece of clothing in your closet? You should be, because white button downs are described as simple-styled blouses usually with buttons from top to bottom, collars and buttons on collars. Yet, despite their simple look, these blouses never go out of fashion. They always manage to make the wearer look fashionable no matter what the occasion is.A white button down is also neat-looking due to its white color. They’re also versatile clothing in two ways. One, they can be used no matter what the occasion is, whether it’s casual gathering, formal gathering, or for work. And two, they are versatile in a way that they can be worn in many different ways, making them the best collared shirt girls mostly love.


Now, owning a white button down will only be a great fashion privilege if you know how to wear this blouse properly. Doing so can highly improve your appearance even if you are wearing only a simple white clothing. As a matter of fact, you can also hide imperfections like belly fats, etc. simply by knowing how to wear an outfit in style. You can check out How to Hide Belly Fats through Style here.

Wearing a white button down properly can also make your outfit appropriate for a specific occasion you are celebrating or a specific place you are going to. It can also make you more fashionable. Remember, there is no such thing as clothes that don’t look good on you. It just lies in knowing how to wear them properly.

Most of all, knowing how to wear a white button down can be a perfect opportunity for a minimalist girl like you because you are able to turn your white button down fashion into a whole new different look every day.

How to Wear White Button Down in 12 Ways

  1. Tuck it in
How to Wear White Button Down in 12 Ways

Source: Become Chic

This is the most common way to wear a white button down, yet it still remains fabulous. No matter what you are wearing with it, tucking in the white button down can help you achieve a sophisticated and classy look that you can wear either for a formal gathering, for work, shopping etc.

  1. Semi-Tuck it in

This refers to the style of wearing white button downs wherein you tuck in the front or side part of the blouse and letting lose the rest of the parts. This makes out a sexy casual look you can wear every day. This style is best when wearing jeans.

  1. Let It Loose
How to Wear White Button Down 3

Source: Styleoholic

This refers to the style of earring button downs wherein you don’t tuck it in whether full or semi. You just let the blouse loose. This is also a common way of wearing button downs, best worn with jeans and fit for a casual, everyday look.

  1. Tie It Up
How to Wear White Button Down 4

Source: Lyst

This refers to tying the loose ends of the blouse or making a ribbon out of it instead of just letting it loose. This look can be worn with jeans or skirts and fit to wear, whether in formal or casual gatherings. This will make the wearer youthful and unique.

  1. Layering
How to Wear White Button Down 5

Source: Pinterest

You can wear your button-down shirt over other outfits like a short-sleeved blouse or a crop top. This is what you call layering. This style is good for minimalists so that wearing their white button down won’t give them the same look every day.

  1. Pair it with Jeans

White button downs are also best paired with jeans, whether you are wearing a low-waist pants or a high-waist pants or whether you are wearing denim pants or slacks. Depending on the type of pants you are wearing, you can wear this style for formal, work or casual activities.

  1. Pair it with Skirts
How to Wear White Button Down 7

Source: Reikian

You can also wear your white button down with a skirt. White button downs also go with any type of skirt, whether it is a mini skirt, a long, flowing skirt, an A-line midi skirt or a pencil cut skirt. Pairing it with a skirt can make you look sexy, professional and sophisticated.

  1. Pair it with Shorts
How to Wear White Button Down 8

Source: Pinterest

Yes, white button downs can be paired with shorts. In fact, if you want to achieve a classy and sexy look, white button down with shorts are perfect to wear every day or going on casual activities like shopping, etc.

  1. Winter Wear

White button downs are outfits for all seasons like winter. You only need to wear the button down under a sweater with the collars sticking out. This way, you can still achieve that formal, professional and classy look even when you are wearing something to keep out the cold of the season.

  1. Under a Blazer or Coat

White button downs look really good when they are worn with a blazer or a coat on. This is especially good for a professional look when going to work.

  1. Pair it with White and Light

This refers to paring the white button down with either a skirt or a pants, that’s colored white or anything that’s in a lighter hue. This will give you a very neat look whether you are trying to achieve a casual, professional, or formal fashion.

  1. Pair it with Black

The best thing about white button downs is that you think they only look good with lighter hues, but they tend to prove you wrong. This is because they also look best when worn with either a black skirt or pants. Pairing this blouse with black can give you a professional and classy look this is why this look is mostly worn by women to work.

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So, if you own a white button down, be proud and rejoice! This just means you can be fashionable all throughout your life by wearing outfits with white button down shirt. Now, all you need is to Complete Your Look with The Most Trending Jewelry here.

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