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How To Wear White Button Down

Every woman over the age of 40 should have a white shirt with a button down collar. A white button down is a classic and versatile wardrobe staple. Since many years, they have been in style… transcending time and fashion. You can wear it all year round and on any occasion. Who can forget Sharon Stone’s white button-down Gap shirt from the 1998 Oscars. You can see what I mean…SO Versatile! This post will show you how to style a white shirt with items that are likely already in your wardrobe. Here are some new outfit ideas for inspiration.

  1.   White Button Down & Jeans
image 438 4

Jeans are one of the easiest items to pair with a button-down white shirt. This is a classic combination. You can choose to wear your white button down and jeans with sneakers, heels, booties or boots depending on the look you’re going for. This look features a pair of loose-fitting straight-leg Moussy jeans and a light-weight white button-down. (You’ll see this shirt a lot throughout this post!) The shirt is a bit sheer so I layered a white cami underneath. I’ve also worn it without a bra. I added a white strap sandal and a white belt.

  1.   White Button-Down & Baggy Jeans
image 437 25

The baggy jeans of old aren’t on trend anymore…they have become a staple in fashion. On the left I am wearing a Frank & Eileen shirt with a pair Mother wide-leg denims. On the left, I am wearing Cinq a sept cuffed jeans with a fun, ruched-sleeved button-down shirt from Harshman. This button-down is so different! If you already have your classic white button-dow shirt and want a basic-with-a-twist…this is the shirt to try. These two looks are cool and unique but so easy to create. Both looks feature a pair heeled boots, but you can change the shoes for a more dressy or casual look. Add some accessories to complete your outfit!

  1.   Leather Pants with White Button-Down
image 437 29

This look features a white button-down by The Shirt paired with a pair paper bag waist faux leather trousers. This shirt is more tailored than the Rails Button-down, and has extra hidden buttons that prevent gaps at the bust. The shirt fits true to its size. If you prefer a looser fit, you can always go up a size. The look is elegant enough to wear in the office, but you can dress it up for a night on the town by unbuttoning a few top buttons and wearing a pretty camisole or bralette beneath.

  1.   White Button Down & Chinos
image 437 24

This look was a lot of fun to style! Another favorite is this Frank & Eileen shirt. The fabric is of high quality and has a very flattering fit. The slimmer fit, shorter rounded hemline and the flattering slimmer fit are all features of this dress. The sides are also higher and shorter, making your legs appear longer. It was a perfect match with a pair Frank & Eileen chinos that were equally high quality and well made as the shirt. I paired it with a pair of tall boots. It was an unexpected combination that I loved. You could also wear mules, sandals or sneakers.

  1.   Casual Shorts with White Button-Down
image 437 23

Denim shorts are another casual option to pair your white button down. This white button down has an oversized, relaxed fit. The shirt is a little longer, so I front-tucked. You could wear it unbuttoned with a camisole or tank under.

Are you looking for age-appropriate denim shorts? Check out the next post.

  1.   White Button Down & Faux Leather Shorts
image 437 30

The same Rails button down from look #1 is used in this unexpected look. The mixed textures are amazing! The faux leather shorts and the gauzy blouse are both relaxed, easy…and a little sexy. I finished the look with some bold jewelry, oversized sunglasses and other accessories.

  1.   White Button Down & A Blazer
image 437 26

The same button-down as in look 4, but I’m wearing a cropped jacket this time. It’s not true that you should only wear your white button-down shirt and blazer to the office. This is something I would wear to a lunch date with friends, coffee dates, school functions, or meetings. This is an on-trend, fun way to layer your button-down. If you’ve wanted to try a cropped jacket, this is an easy way to do it without compromising your coverage.

  1.   White Button Down & Skirt
image 438 7

It’s an older picture, but I wanted you to see how you could wear a button-down white shirt for a more formal office look. Here I am wearing a pencil-skirt, but you could also wear a pleated or midi skirt. A maxi skirt with an A-line would look equally as nice and work-appropriate. Add a belt to define your waist. It’s a classic and professional look that is easy.

A white button-down will elevate your look, even if you have only 5 minutes to dress. It’s perfect for traveling because it has so many styling options.

  1.   White Button Down Cover Up
image 438 3

Have you thought about wearing your white button down with your swimsuit before? It’s a great cover-up when I have to pack for a trip with limited luggage space. This is one of my top packing tips for beach vacations. If you want a more covered back, choose an oversized button-down or a longer one. To get a more roomy fit, you can simply size up from your normal size.

  1.   White Button Down As A Third Layer
image 438 5

Melissa Meyers is a fellow blogger, and my beautiful friend. She is wearing a white shirt with a graphic top, trendy loose-fit jeans and sneakers. Her handbag, sunglasses and stylish bag are also on trend. The button-down is worn unbuttoned, like a jacket…a light 3rd layer. This look is perfect for a day of shopping, running errands or traveling. If you feel warm, you can also tie the shirt over your shoulder or around your waist.

  1.   White Button Down Monochromatic Outfit
image 437 27

Samantha Stewart, another sweet blogger friend from @StyleofSam, styles her white shirt in a monochromatic all-white outfit. You could wear white denim or super trendy baggy pants if you prefer. For a moment, let’s discuss how Sam wrapped-tucked her button-down white shirt! You can achieve this by leaving a few buttons on the bottom of your shirt unbuttoned. You can tuck your left shirttail into the right side pocket of your trousers or pants and the right shirttail over to the other side. This super chic outfit can be worn to work or to dinner. Add a large bag, bold sunglasses and jewelry and some heels.

  1.   White Button Down, Jeans & Flats
image 437 22

Susie Wright, @Susie.Wright’s chic solution is perfect for those who will be running but want to still look sophisticated. Susie Wright is a former Nordstrom stylist and buyer. She really has a lot of knowledge. She seamlessly combines practical and chic looks. You should follow her if you haven’t already! She’s wearing the same Rails Button-down as seen in the previous looks under a white crewneck tank. A pair of elevated flats. I love the way she combined her edgy, ripped jeans with feminine flats that are embellished…her mixing of style really takes this outfit to the next step.

  1.   White Button Down Under A Slip Dress
image 439 1

Your white button-down shirt is more versatile than you think! It’s a great way for you to wear a spring dress with no sleeves when the weather is still chilly. This layered look is so chic! You could wear the shirt under the dress.

  1.   White Button-Down Maxi Skirt
image 437 31

The classic look of wearing your white button down shirt with a long maxi skirt will make you feel chic and stylish. If your button down is a bit oversized, tie it into a knot for some definition at the waist OR choose a front, side, wrap, or back tuck. There are so many options. This outfit could be very casual or very dressy depending on the fabric.

  1.   White Button-Down with a Chunky Pullover
image 438 6

Another way to style it is by layering your white button down under a chunky knit sweater, with the hems and cuffs showing. Brochu Walker’s sweater has a white blouse that looks like it is a separate item, but it is not! You get the idea. To achieve this look, choose a white button down that’s a little more fitted to avoid adding too much bulk underneath the sweater.

  1.   White Button Down Under a Sweater vest
image 437 28

The sweater vest is a great way to add a layer of style to your white button down shirt. When layered over a shirt, the sweater vest defines the waist. You can take advantage of this trend with a cropped jacket, but you won’t be able to expose your waistline.

There are many different sleeve styles to choose from. The sleeves can be rolled up to look effortless and cool. The high-fashion look of cuffing the sleeves once is a great way to get that stylish vibe, while leaving them unrolled gives off a clean and structured feel.

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