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Different Types of Winter Hats You Should Try

Certain places on Earth could definitely be a spot where you can create a real snowman. With these naturally cold places, you don’t have to wait for the holiday season to feel the cold breeze because every day is a cold day. To combat the cold, you should wear all your winter essentials from head to toe. Start from the top and don’t forget your hat. With your winter hat, you can now scream, “The cold never bothered me anyway!’

The Beanie

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Source: The Collaboration Blog

The Beanie or also called as the chook or toque is apparently one of the most casual and chic winter hats you shouldn’t miss. It’s definitely a fuss free hair essential that will keep you toasty warm. These go-to head accessories are meant to fit the head perfectly in the most laid-back manner. There are a lot of ways to style your ever reliable beanie, especially during the winter season.

And of course, whenever you wear a beanie, you need to take into account your hair. As much as possible, keep your hair naturally attractive because this will help you create an effortless style.

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Source: Elle 

The beanie game too strong for Cara Delevinge. When it comes to wearing a beanie, Cara is the ultimate fashion guru. She has worn numerous and fascinating beanies all her life. The great thing about this goofy model is her openness to show her fun side to the whole world by pulling off odd yet gorgeous looks.

Knit Hat

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Source: Style Caster

A great way to tame your frizzy hair is to wear a knit hat. Knit hat gives more room for hair movement and you can pair this winter hair accessory with your all-time favorite dress outfit. You can choose bright colors such like pink or yellow because it’s not just about fashion, but also for practicality. Bright hats are usually used by hunters to avoid being lost in the wilderness. With the vivid shade, hunters could keep track of his fellow huntsmen in the most easy way. Making your own knit hat is very simple and exciting. Check out this guide on how to knit a hat.

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Source: Huffington Post

Literally, Cara Delevigne is everywhere. It just shows how much of a hat addict she is and oh those adorable facial features. We just can’t get enough of her goofiness, that’s why the camera loves her!

Newsboy Cap

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Source: Pop Sugar

There’s something about a newsboy cap that adds interest to an outfit effortlessly. Though these hats are normally worn by men during the Great Depression, this stylish hair ornament is making a definite comeback this season. Before, newsboy caps are just donned by the working class, but eventually everyone started to embrace this refined accessory as part of a fashion trend.

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Source: mulpix

You can complete your getup with a newsboy cap. The unique style of this hat creates a more sophisticated look because newsboy caps feature a defined button-topped in a flat and still cap style. Consequently, you can create a captivating fashion sense, without compromising your comfort and convenience.

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Source: The Zoe Report

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Source: The Crime of Fashion

Fur Hat

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Source: The Front Row View

If you want something that would really give warmth to your head and hair, you can try to wear a fur hat or sometimes called a Cossack. Most fur hats are normally used by aristocrat individuals in some royal places. With the advancement of time, everyone are learning to appreciate this gorgeous hair accessory, which goes perfect with your trench coat and ankle boots.

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Source: Collage Vintage

Your fur hat can be your greatest companion, especially in an extreme weather condition. You can still look attractive even with the massive and furry accessory on your head. Well, fur hats will never disappoint you, promise! It has served its purpose for quite some time now.

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Source: PopSugar

The Trapper Hat

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Source: Daily Mail

Also tagged as the Bomber Hat, trapper hats are very useful winter essentials. Not only will it heat your head, but also other upper parts such as the ears and the neck. With the extra fabric hanging off on the sides of your ears, trapper hat will truly give you the needed warmth for your top parts. You can pair your trapper hat with your favorite sweater, skinny jeans and boots for a classic and cool look.

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Source: Fur Hat World

A combination of fur and trapper hat is the real deal! Even if you’re walking in the middle of the snowy road, you’ll never be worried because this convenient and comfortable winter hat will do its magic.

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Source: Style Bistro

If Cara Delevinge is the beanie queen, it seems that Rihanna is the ultimate star for trapper hats. She has sported this significant winter accessory in some of her fashion styles and all of those were style stealer!

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Source: PopSugar

Fedora Hat

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Source: Shout-out to you

Never let the cold lessen your style for a bit and you can achieve such by trying a felt fedora hat. Fedora stirs up a very elegant fashion with a touch of casualness and it’s okay to say that fedora hat can be greatly associated with the renowned Pharell William Who would forget his ever popular and oversized Vivienne Westhood Mountaint? There are also several fedora sizes, ranging from those petite ones to massive dimensions.

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Source: Beyond the Pine

Before anything else, you have to make sure that your fedora perfectly fits your head. It should not be too tight, nor too loose. Usually, big hats will appear better on big heads and vice versa. Thus, you must first consider that size that matches your head.

Fedoras are ideally made of felt, but there are also some that are made of fur, wool or straw.These embellishments also differ in decoration and style, consequently you need to pick the one depending on your preference. Don’t be overwhelmed with the countless varieties and stick to what you really like.

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Source: Nubry

Don’t forget to set off your fedora hat with your boots and hand bag for a cool winter ensemble. You can always choose a distinct color for your hat to reveal a more striking fashion style. So, before you venture out for the cold weekend, put on your stylish fedora hat.

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