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Styling Tips for Spring’s Top Denim Trends

Denim is a timeless staple that will never go out of style. Throughout the years, this utilitarian-turned-trendy material has been remixed and reimagined into countless silhouettes and staples. Denim was everywhere on the SS24/FW24 runways in both light and heavyweight versions. We’ve rounded-up the best denim styles for 2024, inspired by runways and ready to wear.

Coach and Retrofete’s Fall/Winter runways will inspire fans of classic blue denim. The controversial low-rise trend was moderated with baggy and straight leg silhouettes. Both brands used the same relaxed-fit outerwear, including retro jean jackets and oversized blazers.

Layered texture

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Add texture to denim for a statement look. There are endless options when it comes this multidimensional trend in denim. From sheer panels to all-over lacing, the possibilities are endless. Grab a matching pair to make a bigger impact.

Feathery Fringe

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Fashion ripped jeans. The distressed denim trend this year is more about volume than showing skin. Since we first saw featherlight fringe on the Lapointe Fall/Winter runway 2024, we’ve been in love with the texture. We also love how you can adjust the intensity of this trend.

Wild West Silhouettes

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This year’s western denim trend shows that you don’t need to be a rancher to wear a pair of chaps. The boldest version of this trend is the jeans with leather panels, like the ones seen on the Stella McCartney Paris Fashion Week runway. But you can achieve the same look with two-tone denim.

Super-Cinched Corsets

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Denim corsets may look trendy and fashionable, but they are also quite functional from the perspective of craftsmanship. The structure of non stretch denim makes it more durable than other corset tops. You’ll feel well and truly cinched. Cropped denim corsets with baggy jeans are the perfect casual look.

Multi-Wash Patchwork

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This trend is perfect for girls who like to wear wide-leg jeans. The more room you have to display a patchwork effect, the bigger and baggier your jeans are. We recommend an oversized denim jacket if you’re a stickler for your skinny jeans.

Denim Blazers

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Denim blazers have a casual business look with a focus on casual. Denim blazers are a popular choice for formal occasions because of their stylish silhouette.

Comfy Cargoes

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Cargo jeans are one of this year’s denim trends. Pro-tip: If you don’t like baggy cargoes, you can create the same look by wearing jeans with oversized pockets.

Romantic Ruffles

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Ruffled denim is another trend that focuses on volume. It adds a touch of romance to a wardrobe staple. Choose denim pieces with ruffles on the sleeves or hemlines for a more subtle look.

All-Over Adornments

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We love how versatile embellishments from top to bottom can make jeans and denim separates. The higher the contrast in this trend, then the more dramatic the look. Dark-washed denim and dark-toned stones will give you a subtle shine. Gray denim with silver studs and stoning creates a textural explosion.

Vintage-Inspired Outerwear

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Retrofete’s FW24 collection and Zimmerman’s SS24 collection both featured denim aviator coats in oversized shapes. Ekhaus’ SS24 collection featured a ’90s-inspired duster silhouette. Both styles bring a vintage vibe to casual ensembles, and we expect that this trend will continue to dominate from spring through to cooler weather.

Statement Maxi Skirts

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Denim maxi skirts stand out from the crowd. This throwback to the ’90s trend is equally at home with a crop top or denim on denim.

Creative Cut-Outs

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Denim cut-outs are a new trend this year. Unlike previous trends, which have been all about revealing skin, the denim cut-outs of this season are all about a unique structure. The look is not nearly naked. From garter-style shorts and pants to striped waist-cut-outs.

Playful patterns

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Although not a trend for spring, the cheeky youthfulness of patterned or printed denim makes us think of warm weather. Try pattern matching your jeans with your top to create a polished look or go simple with a denim minidress.

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