5 Gorgeous Spring Twist Hairstyles for Your Stylist

Summer means spring twists for many. They are cute, and they can be thrown up into an updo if the weather gets too hot. It’s not easy to know how to style hair in hot weather. This is where professionals come in.

We asked two experts for their tips, including one who styles Beyonce’s hair.


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Kim Kimble is a celebrity hairstylist for HBO’s Euphoria and the head of their hair department. She said that spring twists should be done in an updo. You can be as creative as you want depending on how big your twists are.

“Updos look great in the spring.” Kimble suggested twisting and putting it up in an updo or doing a cornrow with a flat twist and putting it into a ponytail. “Nika King wore small twists in season 2 of Euphoria – they are great for spring.”

Kee Taylor said that tying the twists into a ponytail on top of the crown will help to keep the twists in place during warm weather. High pony hairstyles are easy to achieve, but spring twists and crochet styles allow you to create multiple versions.

Half & Half

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You can dress up twists in funky looks to take you back into the 90s, while still staying on trend. You can use elastics to style twists in half-up pigtails or leave them wild. Taylor also showed us a cute twisting technique to create your own bangs.

Taylor added, “For a fun twist, you can take two turns from the front for a ‘bang-like’ look.

Sectioned Twists

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This hairstyle, which was originally a popular choice for Black men in hip hop has now been adopted by women. This style is attributed to Travis Scott or the late Pop Smoke, but it has been around for quite some time. You can add the crochet hair to your twists to make them fluffier, or you can use Kanekalon three for five dollars (or a Rebundle if you want to be sustainable) and section your hair evenly into four to six sections.

Spring twists can be made in a variety of ways, and they last. You can choose from a variety of spring twist hairstyles, whether you use your own hair and styling cream to make twists or add a few extra bundles.

High Bun

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High buns are a great way to change up your look if you’re wearing Senegalese twists in the spring or summer.

Taylor, speaking to InStyle, said: “Take your high pony and twists. Then form a bun at the base of it and secure it with another elastic.” This will bring your twists to a new level, while still allowing you to be versatile in styling.

Flat Twists

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If you do them yourself, flat twisting is a lot of work for your arms. The payoff, however, is too great to ignore. You can flat-twist the entire top of your head into a stylish bun or ponytail. You can make full-blown cornrows. If you don’t want to give up your curls for the summer you can create this look by twisting the sides flat and then looping the ends around the curls or puff.

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