15 Dry and Stylish Summer Updos for Effortless Hair

You take a risk when you let your hair down in the summer heat. Your neck sweat will inevitably drip down the back of your hair, giving you a look as if you’ve just left a spinning class. Updos in the summer are a must. You don’t need to stick to the standard ponytail.

There are many ways you can remove your hair from your shoulders, as your favorite celebrities have shown. There are many easy ways to create an updo in the summer.

Jennifer Lord, a hairstylist, said that updos look great with off-the shoulder and halter top pieces in the summer because they refresh your appearance. “[They] thin your face and highlight your cheekbones, so you look regal.”

Lord revealed the easiest ways to achieve summer updos.

Pineapple Bun

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Yara Shahidi gathered every coil into a gigantic pineapple bun. This look is so easy to achieve and it looks even better on humid days. Curl refresher spray will keep your curls hydrated, frizz-free and bouncy.

Halo Braid

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A halo braid is an easy updo Lord suggested. It’s a simple way to keep your hair out of your face and look sophisticated. It works on all hair textures. You will need some braiding skills, but it’s okay if the result isn’t perfect.

Box Braid Topknot

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Box braids can be used for many different styles. A topknot as elegant as the one Gabrielle Union wears is always a good choice. Curly ends and undone ends are fun and fresh for summer.

Messy bun

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Do not worry about flyaways or frizz. These little hairs make the hairstyle even more attractive. Spray your hair with sea-salt spray and then twist it up to give your hair a more messy texture. Gigi’s look is achieved by styling your bangs and removing any face framing strands.

The ‘Fro Hawk

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Lord says the ‘fro-hawk is an excellent way to enhance your natural hair texture and add a bit of style. To achieve the look, pin your hair partially to one side or into a ponytail. Then pin it up as Lupita did. Do you have short hair? Lord suggested adding a curly hair extension or wig to short hair.


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When the weather is hot and you still want to look sophisticated while keeping your hair off your face, pull it back into a low bun or pony and accessorize with a scarf. This is how Zendaya did hers.

Curly Ponytail

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Keep your hair out of your face and embrace your natural hair. Alicia Keys’ curly ponytail with a slicked back front section will enhance any outfit and highlight your collarbone, facial features, and facial features.

Sleek Low Pony

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When the weather is not too humid, a low, sleek ponytail will do. Mandy Moore has a ponytail that is ombre.

Loose Braid

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Camila Cabello’s undone, loose braid will go with any LWD you have in your wardrobe. Braids look best on dirty hair.

Tight low bun

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If you don’t want to wear a fascinator, you can copy Meghan Markle’s hairstyle. Begin by pulling your hair into an off-center bun at the nape. Wrap a 2-inch section of hair around the base, to conceal bobby pins and hair ties.

Pinned Back Waves

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Selena Gomez is an excellent updo if you have bob length hair. Secure all of your hair loosely near your nape with bobbypins. To balance the look, leave out any bangs and shorter hair pieces in the front.

Mini Pony

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You can’t make your hair all up in a bun? Sarah Paulson’s mini pony with two parallel bobbypins is a great copy. Applying hair oil or styling crème, such as OUAI Finishing Creme before pulling back your hair, will create a “wet”, or sleek texture.

Top Braided bun

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Start by pulling your hair up into a high-ponytail. Fishtail braid your hair the entire length. Wrap the hair around the base and secure with bobbypins. Moroccanoil Luminous Strong Finish Hairspray should be used to secure everything.

Braid Crown

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Emily Blunt’s beautiful updo takes a little more braiding expertise. Create two French braids, one on each side of your hair, and then tie them in a bun at the nape. Lord suggests accessorizing with a barrette, headband or flowers.

She said that adding florals and accessories is a great way to add a summery vibe to your updo.

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