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13 Simple Ways to Style a Pencil Skirt Effortlessly

The best outfit for a pencil skirt is a combination of the two. The skirt’s structure is polished and professional (there’s a good reason why it appears so often in office wear!). It’s a very simple base layer, so it goes with anything: blazer, leather, tee shirt, crop top or vest. If you want to wear your skirt on a night out, or for an important presentation at work, you can play with the shape, length and fit. The pencil skirt is a great way to layer over full-coverage pants or underwear.

Scroll down to see some stylish pencil skirts for work and beyond.


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The pencil skirt is a classic silhouette that falls to the knee. But it doesn’t need to. The updated look of a column skirt that extends down to the ankle (not to mention it’s a trendy piece!) This will add height to any type of body. Black is a good choice if a color seems too intense.

Over Pants

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To avoid the look of a costume and to make it feel more modern, choose a skirt that matches your trousers. The jacket’s hem is the exact same length as the pants, which gives the look a tailored feel.

An Oversized Blazer

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A blazer that is oversized will be perfect for the transitional season. Instead of wearing trousers, opt for a stylish pencil skirt. The blazer is wide, and the skirt length matches the blazer. If you are short, wearing heels will keep the blazer in check.

A Tonal Piece

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The result of matching your bottom with your top is an optical illusion: It looks like a dress, except for the tiny sliver at the waist. Although this is neutral and tan, the buttons on the shoulders and hems add visual interest.

In All Leather

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Say you are used to wearing skirt suits. You can spice up your look by wearing a leather jacket and skirt. Keep the rest of your outfit classic. The jacket is wide-collared and the skirt falls just below the knee. It’s almost like a briefcase on steroids.


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The pencil skirt is a great way to embrace this trend. If you are hesitant to wear a sheer item on your lower body, choose an over-sized blazer which covers your hips and match your underwear.

Crop Top

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The pencil skirt and crop top/bra are the perfect pair. The pencil skirt is long, sleek and structured. It contrasts with the crop top’s minimal coverage. If you find a cropped top too edgy, try a cardigan that matches.

In Denim

image 20 236


Juny Breeze, an entrepreneur with a whimsical and eclectic style, is the perfect fit for the denim pencil-skirt. The jean pencil skirt contrasts with her lighter, more colorful and fun pieces. It is darker and more substantial. White cardi is a great option if you don’t want to have as much color.

In Neon

image 20 237


Heidi Klum is your serotonin dress guide! It may seem like too much color, particularly if you are not used to wearing bright colors. If you feel like it’s too much, choose a lighter color or a piece that is only green.

With Texture

image 20 238


The key to joyful dressing is not just color. This shirt has a soft feel and is a better choice than silk or satin. The pencil skirt provides a solid base, and when paired with simple shoes, it makes the shirt pop even more.

All Black (but Fun!) )

image 20 239


It is essential to have a black maxi pencil. It’s more stylish than a mini and more comfortable for long nights out. It’s perfect for transitional weather. Just throw a blazer over it and you are good to go.

A Vest

image 20 240


You don’t need to give up layers just because it is spring or summer. This vest is perfect for adding structure to a white shirt and pencil skirt without making it bulky or hot. A little sparkle in the accessories and jewelry will make this a great dinner outfit.

A Matching Set

image 20 241


This is the perfect summer outfit for a sophisticated look. The white midi pencil skirt has a nice sheen, without being transparent. The crop top works well in warm weather. The pointed-toe black pump keeps the look from being too casual. Bonus points for matching sunglasses and nails!

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