Transform Your Basic Dress into a Statement with 10 Key Accessories

When you have no clothes to wear, a nice dress will do the trick. It’s easy to look stylish with a single-piece garment. We all like convenience but adding a few carefully selected accessories to a basic dress can transform it into something Pinterest-worthy.

Dresses are great because they can be worn from daytime to night. These tricks are easy to learn. You can use a simple slip to create the perfect outfit. Draw inspiration from the dress and select pieces that contrast or compliment it. Cowboy boots in the “Texas Hold ‘Em’ style add a bit of edge to a delicate shift dress, while a belt can be a great addition to a form fitting midi dress.

We should also remember that spring is only two weeks away. Dresses are the perfect transitional item from rainy mornings into balmy afternoons, and windy evenings. Red tights and cardigans are trendy, while also keeping you warm. Other items like ironic tote bags, corporate eyeglasses and large (and spacious) totebags combine function with aesthetics. We’ve compiled ten accessories to help you get the most from your dresses. You probably already own them.

Red Tights

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Red tights are not only a trend that girls love, but they also add a pop of color to your outfit and allow you to wear micro-minis in the breeze. Try a monochromatic look like Anya Taylor Joy for an incredibly eye-catching look. If you want to go for a more subtle look, a little black dress and red tights are the perfect combination.

Cowboy Boots

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Western wear has seen a renaissance thanks to Beyonce. Both country bumpkins as well as city slickers are putting their own spins on the trend. Cowboy boots can be a great way to spice up your favorite dress. Choose a pair of boots with contrast stitching to add visual interest.

Beautiful Bows

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Both bows and dresses are staples of coquettes. This trend has been seen on many runways as it is a great way to enhance any outfit. You can go as large or small as you like with these knots.

Funky Frames

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If you didn’t know, it is cool to have four eyes. As corporate core and office sirens take over TikTok, prescription glasses are in vogue. If you were vision impaired long before social networks (probably because of sitting too close to the television), then feel free to use your old frames to create a retro look.

Bold Belts

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Belts can add depth and dimension to any outfit. They are a practical yet beautiful accessory. Take style cues from actress Lili Reinhart, who uses a thick belt to accentuate her curves.

Emotional support bag

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Bag ladies can rejoice, as the tiny micro purses of old are no more. The Y2K revival has brought back the uber-spacious bucket and tote bags. It’s a statement to carry everything with you. You never know when you’ll need something like lip balm, or a book, or a snack. Or a beginner knitting kit.

Cute Cardigans

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The cardigan is the perfect dress accessory. It can easily transform an outfit. Cardigans instantly add color and texture, but they can also be buttoned to create a stylish sweater and skirt. As the weather changes, you will want to have one on hand.

A Playful Hat

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Since Pamela Anderson wore her pink (faux fur) hat on the Red Carpet, fancy headgears have become a must-have accessory for bold girls. Combine a vibrant hat with an elegant dress to create a playful look. Have fun with your style.

Oversized Blazer

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The combination of an oversize blazer with a dress is the perfect spring look. This duo is iconic, because it gives romantic slips and figure-hugging dress a sense of gravitas. It gives “she’s on business.”

Earrings with a Catching Look

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A pair of earrings that sparkle will complement any dress with a unique neckline. When it comes to bijoux, don’t be afraid of playing around with different materials and scales. When in doubt, go larger!

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