10 Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couples

Whether it’s about remembering the day or your marriage or merely celebrating your togetherness – anniversaries are pretty essential to many couples all around the globe. It’s not like any ordinary event for celebrating anniversary with your loved one explains so much about the both of you going strong through the years. While celebrating your anniversary with a special someone is quite an exciting moment in a relationship, it can also be a challenge to think of a great way to celebrate each year uniquely. Long-term couples would definitely understand the struggle of trying to outshine last year’s anniversary celebration and create something new! Well, we are about to help you think of new ways to relive your anniversary romance. And no, we are not talking about chocolates, flowers and dinner dates – if you want something more exciting for your special someone, then here are Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couples you may want to try.

1. Go back to where your love story started.

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Go to the place where you first met or where you had your first date. Spending time with your special to a place also special to you both can be a very memorable time for the both of you. You can either choose one place and spend it there all day or allocate one day to go around several places where you used to spend time together when you were just a new couple. Take photos, have a romantic dinner and take a nice walk together.

2. Plan a fancy date out of the country.

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Going on vacation is always a great option for everybody who loves travelling. If you and your man loves travelling, then why not book for a trip abroad? Of course, this will take some planning so if you have some time to spare to go on an overseas trip, then going abroad would be perfect. Research for romantic places in that country wherein you can spend a fancy date night together. Choose a place suitable to the budget without sacrificing the quality of everything. Make sure that celebrating your anniversary abroad is memorable and relaxing![read more here: 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017]

3. Feeling adventurous? Do something daring!

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If you are done with the usual fancy date nights, then think of something a little bit more adventurous. If you and your man love the excitement of adventures, then why not do something daring together for your anniversary! There are lots of things you can do like bungee jumping, zip lining, scuba diving and even sky diving! These are extreme activities that you don’t get to experience everyday in your life so why not do it with someone special on a day that is very special as well!

4. Try to go for a romantic air balloon ride.

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Here’s another once in a lifetime activity that you can spend with the love of your life! Want to do something different but you don’t think you can handle the immense adrenaline rush extreme sports give? Well, there are still other ideas out there! Hot air balloon festivals are quite common in many countries. There are even places that offer such experience even without an actual festival going on. getting a hot air balloon ride is not only different but also very romantic as well. Imagine being up in the sky together and indulging in the beauty of the scenery!

5. Prepare romantic decorations in your bedroom or hotel room.

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Whether you choose to spend your anniversary by booking a room in a fancy hotel or just at home, preparing a romantic night by decorating your bedroom is definitely a classic way to show your love. Prepare a bottle of fine wine, add aroma therapeutic candles around and flower petals for a night full of romance! You can also prepare a warm, cozy bath for your special someone if you wish to be more romantic!

6. Have a laid-back outdoor picnic date.

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If you are a couple who loves everything simple, then a laid-back outdoor picnic would be an amazing idea to spend your anniversary. You don’t need fancy clothes and tons of cash just to make your day special. Especially now that the warm spring season is here, enjoying the weather outdoors can be quite ideal. You can just prepare some delish food along with delectable spring cocktails to top off your picnic date! Check out these amazing cocktails: 10 Easy Spring Cocktails You Should Definitely Try at Home

7. Plan a date by the seaside and watch the sunset together.

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Watching the sunset has always been a very romantic gesture for everybody. There’s something about it that feels so warm and special, right? If you and your man love the seaside, then go for a walk hand in hand with some champagne and watch the sunset together. What can be more special than that?

8. Book for photography services and have your creative couple photos taken.

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Photos allow us to preserve our life’s most amazing moments. If you wish to make your anniversary special and memorable, then having your photos taken professionally would be a great way to do so. Book for professional photography services in advance and have them incorporate your creative ideas for your anniversary photo shoot theme.

9. Indulge in a superbly relaxing spa treatment for couples.

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Craving for a much-needed relaxation? Get a spa treatment specifically for couples and indulge yourself to supreme relaxation! If you and your man are both career-driven individuals, then chances are work makes you both so stressed and busy from time to time. Give yourself some quality time together and relax in a lavish spa treatment.

10. Renew your vows.

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Renewing your wedding vows is one of the best ways to celebrate your anniversary if you’re a married couple for many years. It’s a great way to see all the things you’ve gone through together and how strong your relationship has gotten. You can do this with a small ceremony with some of your family and friends! Have them share this great moment with you.

It is only natural to think of new ways to make your special someone happy, particularly on your anniversary. While it’s true that putting more effort into thinking about creative ways to celebrate your special day, being together is still the most important thing. Whether you choose to spend it at home with the family or with a random out of town getaway – the best thing about it is that you’re both happy together and every year binds you stronger.

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