17 Eye Makeup Trends You Can’t Miss on 2024

As the ancient Romans used to say “oculus animus index” (the eyes are the mirror of the soul).

Men read in our eyes the deepest desires and secrets, revealed by the flapping of our lashes or the intensity of our staring at least they think so we know better!

We know very well how the smallest change in the way of making up our eyes can create a totally different look and appeal. Sexy or ingenuous, cute or superb, it all comes through that open window on our soul.

No wonder that in our beauty routine so great attention and care is dedicated to eye make-up.

We like to think that Cleopatra herself wouldn’t have been in history at all without the spectacular cat eye that thousands of years later still makes a statement in fashion shows as much as in daily life.

And 2018 announces to be a very exciting one for makeup lovers, with so many trends to discover and try we are here to reveal them!

And if you are ready to step out of your black eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow comfort zone to try a few new beauty trends we promise you won’t regret it.

source: @haleyriv

1. Inner Corners

Do you remember how in 2017 reverse eyeliner made everyone’s eyes bigger and more awake with the ease of a white lining in the inner corners? In 2018 we are ready to go a step further and replace an achromatic tone with shimmery colours. Everything metallic is very welcome, we love the golden trend although for most people a sensitive choice would be platinum or silver shadows. A pastel would make it for the cutest look ever but the real braves will surely pick a more vibrant shadow for an original colourific creation.

Source: @johanneswre

2. Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliner is definitely a big trend for 2018. A good way to wear it is mixing and matching hints of colour from your outfit or jewellery rather than just wearing your favourite or a totally random colour.

Source: Pinterest

3. Negative Space Eyeliner

Back to Cleopatra but in a slightly new way. We are messing up with the cat eye staple to give it a new look. Is so easy to perform and yet so fresh and cool, to realize it, just leave the inside of the wing unfilled “et voila” you have created a negative space effect.

A liquid eyeliner with an ultra-fine felt tip will make easy (at least easier) drawing on a clean straight line, practice will make the rest.

Source: @eddiegarcia

4. The rounded cat eye

For the cat eye lovers (and who isn’t) there is a new shape of it to try. Goodbye to the straightly lined cat eye with that hard to execute flick at the end of your eye. The rounded cat eye sweeps off all anxiety and problems for a just as sensual effect with new edgy accents.

To create this look apply your favourite eyeshadow midway on the upper eyelid and elongate towards your outer eye area, then use an eyeliner brush to dab eyeshadow into a circular shape. You can fill the rounded shape using stick eyeshadows or crayons or go for a negative space if you feel experimental enough.

5. Floating Wings

Instead of starting drawing at the base of lashes, with the help of tape, drawing wings a couple of centimetre higher will create a totally new appearance with wings magically floating above the lashes.

Source: @ibydesigns

6. Blue Eye Makeup

It seemed like blue had been lost back in the 80s’, but 30 something years later is finally back and we really missed it so much and for so long we don’t really want to miss it again this year!

We guarantee that you’re going to see the shade everywhere again, but if you want to make it right, instead of sweeping blue across the entire lid, use blue eyeliner to draw a negative space cat eye or a floating wing, the contrast will create a really superb effect.

7. Nude Winged Liner

This trend started back in 2017 thanking the makeup artist and Instagrammer Janeen Kurdi from Tampa, FL. Who first gave inspiration to so many other creations on the platform. To create the look, use nude tones first and then draw a cat eye using an angled brush and a concealer instead of liquid black eyeliner. Pair it with a glossy makeup and neutral lips for a really glam look.

Source: @croisy

8. Ombré

Why committing to one shadow when you can choose an ombré? It doesn’t really matter if you’re into mattes or metallics, just blend all of your favourite shades together for a multicolour funny and original look.

Source: Pinterest

9. Layered

Bored of the standard black flicks? Then this new trend is right for you, trace along the same lines with one or two different colours to create a compounded liner effect. If a cat-eye is good for you two can eventually be even better!

Source: Pinterest

10. Dots, Dots and… Dots

The makeup artist has been recently borrowing the pointillism artistic technique to create cat-eyes out of tiny little dots. We find it just magnificent!

Source: @mahrealist

11. Incomplete Wings

Looking for a trendy alternative to the cat-eye? You should try incomplete wings then, to re-create this look, trace the top lashes then extend the line past the outer corners, finally bring the line back to your heart content (we like it very much just over the eye corner but you can be much older than that) without filling in the negative space.

Source: @shyfy

12. Dot Eyeliner

A simple spot under each lower lash line to emphasize your lashes. This technique dates back to the 60s’ and has been latent in fashion shows and celebrities makeups since then but never really catching. This 2018 could be its time, with bloggers and celebrities wearing it more and more often we feel like is going to be another big trend to try on.

Source: @freestocks

13. Bold Lower Lashes

It’s over the time when you forgot applying mascara to your lower lashes because bold bottom lashes are now an eye makeup trend. Pair it with the dot eyeliner trend, to emphasize at the best your lower lid.

Source: @coopery

14. Metallic Eye Shadow

We have seen metal shades everywhere in 2017 and we can predict the trend just growing even more popular in 2018.

15. Sunset Eyes

If you think about a setting sun you have in your mind the image of beauty and the colours are amber, browns, burnt oranges, bronzes, and sultry reds. What about a metallic sunset, wouldn’t it be just fabulous?

Sunset eyes went big in the summer 2017 but we don’t really need to wait for the hot season to wear them again.

Source: @saskiafairfull

16. Smudged Eyeliner

Well, we have that feeling sometimes of being messy (more than just sometimes?). You know the mood and if you want to pair it with your look (why not?) smudged black eyeliner is what makes for you! You can create a punk rock vibe with the help of a black pencil eyeliner to be smudged at your heart content. Another way to achieve the result is to use a Liquid eyeliner to smudge with an eyeshadow or use a gel eyeliner to smudge with a brush. For better results and avoid your makeup goes all over your face, apply some eye makeup primer to your lids to help create a smooth base and keep everything in place or use foundation or even concealer if you prefer.

17. Sculptured Brows

Brows are going big in 2018 and not only figuratively, eyebrow makeup is going to be your best friend to create thicker-looking fantasy brows. From feathers, crowns, dragons and even golden arches, we think to have seen every possible shape of brows but don’t forget there is always a beauty genius ready to surprise us again and again.

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