Popularity of Raglan Sleeves

Raglan sleeves are the kind of sleeves which leaves a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone by extending one piece fully to the collar, giving it an undefined look. Raglan sleeves got its name from FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, who is also known as Lord Raglan. It is often used to make clothing items like sweatshirts, jerseys, sportswear, T-shirts, tops and dresses. T-shirts which usually have short or three-quarter sleeves are made with raglan sleeves. Raglan sleeve designs are usually meant to be casual wears, the absence of shoulder seam helping the cause.

APSLEY HOUSE, London. Field Marshal Lord Fitzroy James Henry Somerset (1788-1855), later 1st Baron Raglan by Jan Willem PIENEMAN in 1821 (WM 1486-1948). In 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo he served as Wellington's Military Secretary. He was wounded in the right arm and had to undergo amputation so learned to write with his left hand. He later commanded British forces in the Crimean War.

Source: Getty Image  Field Marshal Lord Fitzroy James Henry Somerset (1788-1855)

The raglan sleeves are in most cases made of a different colored fabric in most cases and it sometimes has a different color for each sleeve. This is done to give the garment better visual appeal. The quality of raglan sleeve is that the design works for both loose and free flowing styles of tops and dresses. This quality helps it to work well as maternity and plus sized clothes.

Source: picVpic

Source: picVpic

Raglan sleeves are perfect for people with narrow shoulders because it adds structure to the narrow shoulder line. This is particularly helpful when the shoulder neck point is close to the length, and the neckline is high. On the other hand, raglan sleeve helps to visually narrow a broad shoulder as it takes the attention away from the shoulder line because of the lack of shoulder seam. Tapered sleeves and a lower neckline would help soften the broad shoulder line.

Source: Boohoo

Source: Boohoo

What makes the raglan sleeve popular is its simpler design compared to the normal sleeves. A section of people who choose to sew their own clothes prefers to use raglan sleeves over standard sleeves because it takes way less time and also less stitching. Raglan sleeves are a popular style of knitting sweaters due to the same factors of simplicity and less time consumption. Some of the jackets are preferably made with raglan sleeves due to the addition space availability, which makes it possible to wear an additional sweater or other garments under the jackets. A popular example of these is the Letterman jacket.

Raglan sleeve tops and dresses have become a common trend these days. It is the symbol of sophistication with the casual feel to it. Raglan sleeved tops and dresses are great because:

  • It does not have the shoulder sleeve, making it perfectly suitable for a broad or narrow-shouldered woman.
  • Because of the extra space because of the sleeve, it gives extra space to move around.
  • The design makes it a great item of clothing for pregnant and plus size women.
  • The sporty casual look, it provides.
  • There is more space in the underarm area, making it a lot a wider fit.

Raglan sleeves are an ideal wear if it is for a casual function or outing. It is the kind of clothing which puts comfort at first without compromising on the fashion aspects. If you ever get a chance, make sure not to shy away from the purchase of raglan sleeved garments. You are definitely going to like it.

Source: wiseGEEK

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