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Elegant Fall Fashion for Women Over 50

Fashion comes with no age. A lot of people might disagree with this statement as most people see fashion as something that one wears according to her age. True enough, there are fashion ensembles that may look gorgeous on a 50 year old but not on a woman in her 20s. Despite this fact, fashion is timeless and it’s a lifestyle to live by. It’s a part of individualism and self-expression of one’s personal art. Age should not hinder one from dressing up according to her preferred style! If you think being 50 limits you from choosing great wardrobe pieces, think again. The possibilities are endless and there are amazing styling tips for women over 50 that will truly change your fashion game!

In this article, we are going to cover easy and effective tips from experts that will help you dress up elegantly at 50. As the fall and winter season is coming, we have chosen celebrity fall ensembles that you may take great inspiration from.

Tip #1: There’s no such thing as Granny clothes

Loose fabric, laces, printed with heavy floral, knits and embroidery – these are some of the characteristics we usually perceive as “granny” fashion. When we’re 50, we often think that these are the type of fashion pieces we should avoid as it makes one look older. That’s false! The truth is, it is all about proper styling and understanding your body shape. Check out our Dress to Impress Series to know the right clothes for your body type: apple-shaped, hourglass, pear-shaped, petite.

image 1049

Black Casual Floral Embroidered Coat

You can play with lace kimonos by either going light or going dark with your ensemble. The key is to properly mix and match to have your clothes blend together. Consider minimal accessories and stick to classic jewelry pieces.

Tip #2: Check out brands and boutiques that cater to mature women

Whether you go for designer brands or high street clothing, the key is for you to choose clothing that fits your lifestyle. Are you a career woman, a socialite, a housewife? Choose something that understands you so that the fashion piece of your choice would look good.

Style Inspiration: Anna Wintour (67)

image 1043

Source: zimbio

If you are the editor-in-chief of the world’s biggest fashion magazine, you should dress like one. Anna Wintour looks extravagant in her designer ensembles. In this particular look, as she steps out of New York Fashion Week, she went safe with a play on monochrome. Another excellent option for mature women is their choice of color and you can never go wrong with grey, white and black.

Tip #3: If you want to add some color, choose soft and youthful shades.

image 1045

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Of course, your wardrobe shouldn’t be only limited to black and white. You can still experiment with a bit of color to suit your fashion taste. While you can pull off those blinding pop of colors from the 70s, it may be too dramatic to look at, especially for the fall season. Try on some soft shades that add life to your outfit without being too overpowering. Baby pink, emerald green and sky blue are some of the shades that would look good on mature women.

Style Inspiration: Kris Jenner (60)

image 1048


Kris Jenner looked sleek and dazzling in her emerald green jacket over an all-black ensemble. As you can see, she went by the classic black shirt, black trousers to make it look more casual and wearable. To avoid looking too plain, she popped on a nice emerald green leather jacket as she walks the streets of Soho.

Tip #4: Choose classic tailored pieces.

There’s something about tailored clothing that makes it stand out in a very specific way. Classic blazers and pantsuits make it to the list! Choosing tailored pieces gives more depth to the shape of the body which makes a piece look custom-made. In addition to that, it gives an elegant, professional vibe.

Style Inspiration: Tilda Swinton (55)

image 1046


Tilda is usually spotted in her classic androgynous ensembles. In this particular look, she went for a classic tailored suit that defined her slim physique. It’s definitely a fashion statement that does not require dramatic frills and glamour. Once again, it’s a great example of a black and white combination for that classic look.

Tip #5: Own a black dress that can be worn casually and formally

image 1044

Being over 50 opens so many doors for us women. Just like how everyone in their 20s should own a little black dress, a woman in her 50s should own a versatile black dress that can be worn to various occasions. It can be a long dress, a midi dress or a cocoktail dress – for as long as you think it suits your lifestyle, then go for it!

Style Inspiration: Michelle Pfeiffer

image 1047

Source: StyleBistro

Michelle Pfeiffer showed up in an event in her classic Alexander McQueen black dress that features a deep V-neckline and a statement belt. This black dress looked stunning as a formal wear but it can also look amazing as a casual wear. The fabric is flowy and comfortable, which is always important when choosing your fashion ensemble.

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