Mad Men: Throw Back to 60s Fashion Style

The Mad Men drama series truly made a huge impact in the lives of the viewers for its exceptional plot and exquisite cast. The American period drama series bagged 16 Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globe Awards for its overall performance. As it is a periodical drama set in the 1960s, the drama showed so much about the lifestyle and fashion in 60s America. Along with the impeccable performance of each character, each personality dragged their own personal take on the 60s retro fashion with their intricate costumes. For this blog post, we are going to run through the fashion of the female leads and how their lives turned all throughout its 8-year run.

Peggy Olson

Style: "Mad Men"


Played by Elisabeth Moss, Peggy Olson’s character is the perfect persona that describes a woman of intelligence and strong will. She is the secretary of Don Draper, who eventually became the chief copywriter of Sterling Cooper and Partners. Peggy is smart, confident and like a lot of women today – career-driven.

Style Snippets from Peggy Olson

Source: HitFix

Peggy is an office lady which is why she is usually seen in classy, corporate ensembles. In this particular look, Peggy sported a button-embellished blouse accented with a striped tie. To add a soft, feminine touch to Peggy’s navy coordinate, she wore a brown knitted beanie that revealed a portion of her wavy fringe.


Source: The Season of Plum and Cobblestone

Another classic turn on the black and white corporate dress is this checkered midi-dress that Peggy wore in the office. The buttons that go from the torso, all the way down to the hem of the dress gave depth onto her petite physique. In addition to that, the color is very versatile; making the patterns look not utterly overpowering. To add elegance to the corporate ensemble, Peggy added some simple pearl jewelry to top it off.



If you are into a vintage romantic look, take fashion inspiration from Peggy as she wears this pink and nude ensemble tailored to perfection. The skirt of her dress has intricate pleats that made her look youthful. In addition to that, Peggy paired it up with alabaster white gloves and a dainty lace headpiece.

Betty Draper



One of January Jones’ most notable roles is when she played as Don Draper’s wife, Betty Draper. She embraces the characteristic of a beautiful but self-absorbed wife. When we say self-absorbed, it actually defines Betty’s personality of being able to speak what’s on her mind regardless of what others may think. She stands for what she think is right and knows the proper time to get modest and feisty.

Style Snippets from Betty Draper


Being the wife (soon, ex-wife) of a very powerful man, Betty is usually spotted dressed in lavish elegance and sophistication. It is easy to determine her social status, solely by the way she dresses. In an episode in Season 1, Betty wrapped herself in a appliquéd ivory fur coat and wore a sequined white dress that sparkles along her luxurious jewels.



If you are looking for a Betty Draper-inspired winter wear, this is the one you are definitely looking for! Betty wore a statement blue blend coat that features a stunning oversized collar paired with a white printed silk scarf and a pair of leather gloves. She definitely knows how to keep herself warm in style!


Source: Ravepad

Another fashion favorite from Betty’s book is this colorful romper wrapped in red, blue and gold prints. The playful romper also features large golden buttons and a sexy blunt cut the exposes cleavage and side boob. This fashion coordinate is definitely something to remember!

Joan Harris


Source: Religion News Service

If there is someone so alluring and bewitching in the Mad Men series, it would be no other than Joan Harris. She knows who to be “friends” with and she knows how to play a game that she can win. Joan Harris is physically captivating and she’s a persona that overflows with charisma. The viewers labeled her femme fatale for her wise usage of her beauty.

Style Snippets from Joan Harris
Style: "Mad Men"

Source: The Daily Breakthrough

Joan Harris’ character is played by actress Christina Hendricks. In this particular photoshoot poster, Joan flaunted her voluptuous curves in a caramel midi dress that tightly hugs the waistline. Her round collar makes a subtle statement with its unique cut and lavish golden brooch accent.


Source: The Sequin Notebook

Once again, Joan proved that you don’t have to show so much skin to show off your sexy curves. In her default office attire, Joan went to an aubergine purple ensemble with a fitted round neck shirt and pencil skirt. To give a bit of twist to her plain coordinate, Joan added a minimalist long gold necklace that drapes down to her bust line.



Joan is looking classy and captivating in her deep blue midi dress embellished with a ribbon tie belt. The plainness of the blue dress is balanced by the prints that cover the chest area and the edges of the collars.

There you have it! It’s just really amazing how clothing can bring us all back in time and that each and every ensemble tells a story. If you want to take a look at more period drama/film fashion inspirations, you may want to check our Fashion Steals from Downton Abbey and The Wings of the Dove.


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