Vintage Fashion Designers Impress You

You’ll find a variety of vintage brands at a thrift store. Some stand out because of their classic designs and consistent quality. Here are my favorite vintage brands for everyday thrifting:


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Carlisle, a vintage label that is known for its elegant and sophisticated designs, has endured the test of time. Carlisle’s pieces are a reflection of luxury, with their high-quality fabrics.


Pendleton is synonymous with iconic woolen fabrics and superior craftsmanship for more than a century. Pendleton is known for its plaids and blankets. It also has a variety of vintage clothing, such as skirts, blouses and outerwear. These timeless designs will add a touch warmth and style into your wardrobe.

Valerie Stevens:

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Valerie Stevens dresses, blouses and accessories capture the essence of vintage femininity. The pieces of the brand are often adorned with delicate lace, flattering shapes, and intricate detailing.

Harve Benard:

Harve Benard has vintage suits for the office and power suits. Harve Benard is known for its stylish yet professional designs. They offer a variety of dresses, skirts and blazers. These timeless pieces seamlessly blend past and present, making them versatile wardrobe additions.

Vintage Ann Taylor:

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Ann Taylor is a brand that has become synonymous with modern women’s clothing. Their vintage pieces are also no exception. You’ll find timeless blouses, tailored pants, and chic dresses.

Union Made

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Union Made is a label that identifies clothing produced by workers who are unionized. Clothing that has the “Union Made’ tag on it is usually associated with high-quality craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing. When thrifting, look for the “Union Made” label. It signifies a vintage item that also supports worker rights.

Lawrence Kazar

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Lawrence Kazar, a hidden jewel for those who are looking for vintage eveningwear is the place to go. The brand is famous for its sequined and beaded dresses.

Vintage Talbots :

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Talbots is known for its preppy and timeless designs. You’ll find vintage Talbots items such as classic blazers and tailored pants. There are also versatile blouses with unique designs.

Evan Picone:

Evan Picone’s vintage designs are chic and accessible. This brand is known for its classic separates and dresses with beautiful prints.

Casablanca And Kasper :

Casablanca as well as Kasper both offer a wide range of versatile and elegant vintage pieces. Dresses to blouses. You’ll find timeless pieces by looking for high-quality fabrics and unique patterns.

Vintage treasures are a perfect mix of history and style.

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