How to Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Don’t underestimate your conventional denim shirts or also called as chambray shirts because they can work wonders in your wardrobe capsule. Yes, there are seriously a lot of fashionable ways to style your denim shirts, from super feminine looks to tough outfits. Get inspired with these fascinating denim styles that will surely slay your OOTD game.


What to Wear with Denim Shirts?

1. Denim Shirt and White Jeans

The combination of tough denim shirt and classic white jeans is downright fabulous and fashionable. And it seems to be the one of the most popular and easiest ways to style your denim shirt. If you are wearing a cropped denim shirt, it is best to pair it with high-waisted jeans to create a flattering silhouette. Tuck your shirt in and add a belt for a more polished look. To complete your outfit, choose a nice pair of heels that will fully glam up your style.

2. Denim Shirt and Colored Pants

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

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To captivate more stares, then pair your denim shirt with some colored pants. Actually, there’s no restriction as to the specific jeans color. You have the choice— whether you want some bright hues or those with earthly tones.

3. Denim Shirt with Leggings

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

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Forego the denim shirt & jeans combo, and go for something that will catch the attention of the crowd. Denim shirt is not just limited to the shirt and jeans style, but also with the fascinating denim shirt and leggings duo. Leggings create a more striking aura to your entire look. Steal Gigi Hadid’s fascinating denim style as you pair your favorite chambray shirt with a sassy leggings and a pair of cool sneakers.

4. Denim Shirt and Denim Pants                

Denim on denim, why not? It’s time to pump up your style with a rather unique combination— denim shirt and denim pants. This denim duo will totally make your OOTD game too strong. It’s sassy and sophisticated at the same time. And to set off the tough image, you can pick a sexy pair of bright or nude heels.

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Source: Fashion Fuzz

For a more posh look, add a tailored coat or blazer of different color. It is best to choose neutral or bright colors for your outer layering to complement well with the denim hues.

5. Denim Shirt and Denim Skirt

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Source: Marie Claire

The denim obsession seems to be a thing for some of our favorite stars like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. Well, you can’t blame them because denim truly carries a striking style for any silhouette. And one of the trendiest denim ensembles are the denim skirts. Denim skirt paired with denim shirt is totally a rock ‘n’ roll fashion craze that you need to try.

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Source: Denim Blog

You can tuck in your denim shirt or can also tie it for a more sexy look. Don’t forget to polish your entire denim getup with some boots or pumps. For an easier OOTD, you may get some fashion motivation from Kylie Jenner or check out some this helpful guide: How to Wear Denim Skirts in Stylish Way.

6. Denim Shirt and Dress

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Source: Pinterest

Instead of wearing it as a shirt, use your denim ensemble as a tied-up cardigan. This unique way of donning your denim shirt is definitely a breath of fresh air. You can add some striking accessories to complete your style such as aviators, statement necklaces, and clutch bag. And because of its girly impression with a dash of toughness, you can downright wear this getup during your dinner dates or your casual day outs.

If you want a more laid-back style, then don’t tie your denim shirt, and let it freely exude a tough aura. Well, that’s the great thing about this ensemble— you can either wear it as a plain shirt or a jacket. And instead of some fancy stilettos, opt for gladiator sandals, which will totally elevate your tough chic style. Here are some exciting ways to glam up the denim game: How to Wear Denim Jacket with Style.

7. Denim Shirt and Skater Skirt

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Source: Fashion Gum

A simple yet striking way to wear your denim shirt is to tuck it in and pair it with a monochrome skater skirt. This look is pretty casual, and can be donned anywhere, from your school appointments to some unplanned dining outs. For a relaxing vibe, choose a pair of comfy loafers or doll shoes. But if you want to ooze some sophistication, then go for the sexy stilettos.

8. Denim Shirt and Some Prints & Pattern

A denim shirt is truly a worthy garment that should be part of your wardrobe capsule. You can pair them with anything under the sun. And if you’re out for your daily regimen, then match your denim shirt with some fancy bottoms like floral shorts. The awesome combination looks very relaxed and chic, making it a perfect to-go getup.

Denim shirt tucked in a flamboyant skirt full of abstract patterns is absolutely fascinating. The entire outfit looks very feminine with a hint of robustness. Sparkle your style with some on point jewelry pieces like statement necklaces and bangles. You can also top off your whole getup with a black leather jacket.

9. Denim Shirt Layering

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Source: Fashion Fuzz

Got some serious love for denim and layering? Well, don’t worry because you can have both. Layer your favorite denim shirt with a sweatshirt, then pick a nice pair of floral pants. This funky layering will definitely slay the runway.

How Style Denim Shirts in the Most Fashionable Ways

Source: Fashion

For a fashionable yet practical OOTD, wear an inner ensemble before donning your denim shirt, and you can also add a leather jacket to your entire getup. The ultimate layering will surely save you from the cold, while creating a match made in heaven fashion. And if you want a head-turner fashion, then opt for bright footwear.

With these fashionable denim styles, are you now convinced to stack at least one or two denim shirts in your closet? We hope you find this guide helpful, and do let us know if you have other exciting ways in styling your favorite denim shirt.



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