How To Style Denim Shirts

Denim can be used in almost any type of wardrobe. It is timeless and versatile. Wearing a denim t-shirt is one way to integrate denim into your closet. A denim shirt can be worn as a stylish and versatile piece, or dressed up, depending on the situation.

You can wear your denim shirt in a variety of ways that are both comfortable and stylish. They will compliment your outfit as well as your personality.

What Would Go Well With a Denim Shirt

Most trousers and skirts are great for pairing with this item, such as blue or black jeans, or a mini- or midi-skirt. You can style the denim shirt with different footwear styles, such as trainers or boots.

Wearing heels with your denim shirts will give you a stylish and chic look. Wearing a denim shirt at work is an option. You can wear formal trousers, skirts or flats.

If you are looking for the best combinations to wear with a denim t-shirt, I would be happy to assist you in creating new outfits.

What Trousers Should i Wear With a Denim Shirt?

You can pair denim shirts with any type of trousers, from flare jeans to skinny jeans. Even tailored trousers will work. You can dress up or down the shirt depending on the occasion.

Can i Wear Denim Shirts With Jeans?

Yes! Wearing your denim shirt over a pair skinny jeans will make you look taller and longer.

If you want to make your denim shirt look more elegant, you can combine it with a pair cigarette pants, which you can then pair with a jacket for a formal look.

Should You Tuck In a Denim Shirt?

Sure you can! No rule says you can’t. The tucking of your denim shirt will add style and professionalism to your outfit.

If you want to wear your denim shirt untucked, you can do so for a relaxed weekend look.

Why not give it a go and see what you can do to incorporate it in your wardrobe?

Here are some tips to rock a denim shirt.

  • Keep things simple and classic. Pair a denim shirt with classic, simple pieces such as black or blue jeans or denim skirt. This outfit is perfect for casual occasions or everyday wear.
image 976
  • Dress it up in heels. Dress up a denim shirt for a night on the town or special occasions. Combine it with a pencil-skirt and heels to create a chic, sophisticated look.
image 975
  • Make your outfit more interesting with accessories. Accessorizing your outfit is a good way to give it some personality. Pair your denim shirt up with a colourful scarf or a statement necklace to add some flair.
image 974
  • Try out different denim shades. Denim is available in many shades ranging from light to dark. Mix and match denim shades for a fashionable, trendy look.
image 976
  • Wear your denim shirt over trousers with bold patterns if you want to stand out. It could be an abstract pattern, stripes or polka dot. Make sure that the colours are complementary and finish the look with a simple heel.
image 971
  • To create a more polished look, add a blazer to your shirt and tuck it into high-waisted pants. This outfit is perfect for the office, or even a business meeting.
image 974
  • Layering your denim shirt under a cardigan or sweater is another way to dress it up . It adds warmth and texture to the outfit, and is ideal for cooler weather.
image 973

Try to wear your denim shirt with a skirt . This gives you a feminine, yet edgy appearance that’s perfect for a girls night out or date night.

Oversized Denim Shirt Outfits

Oversized Denim Shirt And Denim Shorts
image 455 6

Source: Pinterest

Here’s a true double denim look! This looks great because the shorts and oversized shirt are in different washes. The white shirt and the open button-up denim shirt break up the look so the denim on the denim doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

Set of Athleisure Wear with Oversized Denim Shirt
image 969

Source: Pinterest

You can probably put together this casual denim shirt look using pieces that are already in your wardrobe! The simple combination of a bra top, comfortable shorts and an unbuttoned shirt elevates the look while keeping it comfortable. Sandals or white sneakers will always look good with denim. I would wear this outfit to the lake or on any outdoor trip.

Romper and Oversized Denim Shirt
image 977

Source: Pinterest

Another smart idea is to pair your denim with an athleisure romper! A ball cap and white sneakers bring it all together, and maintain the casual/athletic feel. This outfit could be elevated even more by adding trendy sunglasses and gold jewelry. This outfit looks great with Birks, instead of sneakers.

Oversized Denim Shirt and Graphic Tee
image 973

Source: Pinterest

I enjoy finding new ways to style graphic tees. I have a thousand of them, and they add a cheeky, fun twist to any outfit. Wearing a denim shirt as a jacket over a graphic T-shirt is a great way to elevate it. It’s like a lighter jacket. A shacket? The shirt can also be given some interest and shape by knotting it.

Biker Shorts and Oversized Denim Shirt
image 971

Source: Pinterest

Biker shorts make a great addition to any wardrobe. We wish we could all wear them every day. The form-fitting shorts are the perfect complement to a loose, oversized denim top. You only need to add your favorite athleisure pieces to finish the look! I’m wearing a ballcap and…yes…white sneakers!

Dad Jean Shorts And Oversized Denim Shirt
image 968

Source: Pinterest

This look is great for summer concerts, patio drinks, or a casual daytime look. This outfit is easy to style and versatile. Roll up your sleeves, and tuck in your denim shirt with belted black jeans shorts. A rough hem is a great contrast to a polished button-up shirt.

Oversized Denim Shirt And White Linen Shorts
image 972

Source: Pinterest

It’s a similar look to the previous one, except I used white linen and heels. This outfit is a bit more formal, perfect for brunching with your girlfriends or going on a chic getaway. You could wear this to the office!

Black Jeans and Denim Oversized Shirt
image 970

Source: Pinterest

Here’s a look for workwear featuring an oversized denim t-shirt! Wide-leg black pants are perfect for the office because they combine the comfort of jeans with the professional appearance of trousers. These jeans are perfect for smart-casual dress codes. It’s a great look for transitioning from one season to the next.

The key to wearing denim is to experiment and have fun. Denim shirts are versatile wardrobe pieces that can be dressed up or down.

If you want help with your wardrobe and creating different outfits, please tell me about your situation and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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