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How to Wear a White Dress in a Trendsetting Style

A white dress is timelessly stylish. It was first immortalized by Marylin Monroe in her famous white dress scene from her movie, The Seven Years Itch. All through the years even today, a white dress is in style. Especially, our spring/summer wardrobe is incomplete without a white dress outfit. But most women don’t opt for one, mainly because they believe an all white dress to be the trickiest piece to pull off. If you are running out of ideas and styling tips for a white dress outfit, no worries, here we have enlisted the best suggestions for giving your monochromatic dress, a stylish (not boring) look.

How to Wear a White Dress?

Check out the most flattering and trendiest ways to carry a glamourous look in a white dress.

Pick the Right Color

White is not just one color. There are a number of shades available in white. It is essential to pick the right shade, according to your skin tone. The brighter shades of white are perfect for girls with dark skin tones. Girls with warmer skin tones should look for cream and ivory shades of white. Sometimes mixing different shades of white in one ensemble helps you get rid of that monochromatic look.

Suitable Undergarments

White dresses have more transparency as compared to other colors. For the perfect look in white, opt for nude or white colored undergarments. [Read here: The Best of Spring 2017 Trends]

Experiment with Different Textures

To add a touch of style, avoid using the same fabric from head to toe. Utilize different fabrics in a single dress. if it’s an evening party and you feel it to be chilly outside, put on a denim/leather jacket, coat or a trench on your shoulders.

Say YES to Loosely-fit Outfit

White, being a summer staple, should be airy and flouncy. White tends to show you heavier than your actual size as it adds prominence to your body parts. To avoid that stuffed look, we would recommend you to wear loose and flowy white dresses.

Best Way to Wear a Tight White Dress

We don’t recommend white dresses that are too tight (like mentioned above), but what if you have a white one? Camouflaging is what we’d suggest you. For a fitted white dress, you better camouflage the problem area with a white overcoat. Or if you want to wear a white fitted skirt, pair it with some colored top (black or blue). Lastly, for slim-fit white clothes, do not opt for sheer or thin fabrics. The thinner a fabric is, the more problem areas you’d have to deal with. Look for some thicker fabrics for an all-white fitted dress.

A Pretty Pop of Color

Wearing your favorite little white dress? Stop for a moment and ponder on how to accessorize a white dress to get the perfect look? Using colorful fashion accessories with white, can add a standout style. Be it a clutch, jacket, shoes or handbag. Even adding a boldly hued lipstick would get you in the spotlight. The colors that go best with a white dress, are shades of pink, red, green or blue.

Add Metallic Allure

Metallic accents are the best way to add eye catching sparkle. Adding a metallic belt, gold or silver, on your waistline, would not only add glamour but it’s also a great way of giving a slimming illusion to your waistline. Other than a wide belt, holding metallic clutches or wearing metallic shoes, are surely going to get you noticed.

What Jewelry to Wear with White Dress?

White dresses tend to give a simpler look, so you can easily go bolder in the choice of jewelry. Instead of opting for white jewelry, play with colors. Metallic and wooden jewelry pieces are great options. Long and layered chains, with/ without necklaces look great. If it’s party on the beach, boho-inspired jewelry and neckpieces would give a standout style. For special evening parties, accentuate your white outfit with bejeweled statement necklaces. For ears, chandelier earrings can add a stylish glow to any white outfit, especially with a short one.

White Dress with a Colorful Scarf

Wrapping a scarf effortlessly around your neck adds a chic appeal to a simple white dress. it’s another great way to break up that monochrome feel.

White Dress with Black Paneled Stripes

Women who don’t want an all white dress, may experiment with some black stripes. Besides breaking the same look, the vertical stripes promise you a slimmer and elongated look. With this black and white dress, shoes must not be an issue. It could be

What about Makeup and Hair

We would recommend you to opt for a bolder beauty routine. For hair, anything (loose waves, braids, bun) could be good, keeping in view the occasion. For makeup, matte look, bold lips and metallic eyeliner are good enough to complete your look.

What Color Shoes to Wear with a White Dress?

The last most important question that comes to mind is what color shoes go with a white dress? For white dress, you can have limitless choices in footwear. First of all, prefer wearing high heels. The trendiest shoes with white are beige, black or silver. Beige and silver colors are best options to preserve the monochromic feel of white. But if you don’t want to go with that same look, bold color shoes (printed or plain) make a stand out addition to your whole look. Shoes or platform booties with floral, geometric, animal prints (in vibrant hues), look fab. Lastly, many women don’t feel confident enough to put on white shoes. But that too could be a great option. White shoes for white dress, look great when your dress is not white completely. For the cases, when you have the addition of colored belts, stripes, scarfs, leggings or jackets in your white dress, pairing up white shoes gives a chic appeal.

Conclusion: A white dress is a timeless treasure. Women of any age group can easily pull this color off. Being a fashion forward woman, you have to get a bit technical to have fabulous fashion and sleek style. And following all the above-mentioned tricks, you are surely going to have one.

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