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Fashion Steals from Netflix’s House of Cards

If there’s a really remarkable series to fully describe the ins and outs of today’s politics, it would be no other than House of Cards. House of Cards is a political drama web television series that covers how Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) takes different measures to achieve power in the government. In addition to this, the plot also revolves around his wife who helps him carry out his elaborate political plans. In their classic political journey, they start to meet new people – friends and enemies.

Apart from the very interesting plot of this series, it also features really notable fashion ensembles from the main characters. In fact, there is a website that covers all their outfits and lets you to purchase the exact same piece! In this article, we’ll go through their best ensembles, most particularly the ones worn by the female lead, Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright).

Grey Turtleneck H-Line Dress

Source: imgix

Claire Underwood is the strong and impeccable woman behind her great husband. In addition to that, she’s quite great in fashion too as she is always dressed stunningly every single time. In this classy grey turtleneck dress, she proved how classy can a simple dress be that it can be worn in the White House! No adornments or statement jewelries needed; just a slim belt to add definition and she’s all set.

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Black Work Zipper Stand Collar Stripes Sheath Midi Dress

Here’s a classy knit turtleneck dress that fits any occasion. Just like Claire’s dress, it needs no special adornments; just keep everything low-key and it won’t be so hard to flaunt it. Turtlenecks are quite stylish for this fall season too!

Tailored two-piece Midi Dress

Source: Vanity Fair

The costume designer, Tom Broecker said, “Frank and Claire’s look reflect everything away from them. It’s almost an intentional thing. It’s like an emotional barrier.” In this statement, it explains Claire’s armor-like jacket that is perfectly tailored to build up shape on her broad shoulders. Matching the chic top is a classic A-line midi skirt that features gentle pleats on the hem.

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Two Piece Beaded 3/4 Sleeve Elegant Midi Dress

Chiffon blouse with classic pencil skirt


Claire Underwood looks exquisite in her cream chiffon blouse paired with the classic grey pencil skirt. It is an elegant ensemble that epitomizes the modern careerwoman above 40. The chiffon blouse features a ribbon tie on the neckline which adds a romantic and feminine touch to the corporate coordinate.

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Gray Crew Neck Two Piece Half Sleeve Midi Dress

Navy Two-piece Midi Dress

Source: popsugar

In her navy blue two-piece midi dress, Claire showed us the living fashion proof of the saying “less is more”. The blouse features two side buttons that adds elegance to the simply lavish ensemble together with the matching pencil skirt.

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Sheath Elegant Plain 3/4 Sleeve Ruffled Midi Dress

Wine midi dress

Source: elle

Another sophisticated dress that truly proves that Claire Underwood is fated to be the woman in the White House! Her beautiful deep wine midi dress completes her formal/business ensemble as she struts it with traditional black patent pumps. The dress, as plain as it may seems, still adds depth to the looks with its pleated, single-buttoned neckline and sleek garter belt.

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Wine Red Plain Balloon Sleeve Sheath Midi Dress

We know “House of Cards” is all about life in politics, which explains why it is a great TV series to take business fashion inspiration from. It has tons of great ensembles all throughout its three-year run that the strong women of today can take great inspiration from.

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